Okay, this journey starts Thursday, July 21, 2011. Each week I’ll update the table and add a quick comment.

Start Week  – Wow, I’m huge, guess I’ve been avoiding the scales, the measuring tape and reality!

Week 1 – Really happy with progress thus far,  I’ve gotta step up working on getting that waist & hips down but… wow!

Week 2 – Good news I reached my first 10# goal! But this last week was scary – hit a plateau already, but that may be one of two things, or both –  once again, I’ve been inconsistent with my exercise and my body may be freaking out. Anyway – gotta work on that exercise part!

Week 3 – I’m amazed and pleased – 14 pounds and almost 15 inches! And I’m not feeling starved or deprived. So grateful for finding this program!

Week 4 – I’m comfortably fitting into clothes I couldn’t hardly get over my butt 4 weeks ago! While I did blow it last night, read this post, and that likely effected my weight, I’m really happy with the inches lost.

Week 5 – 18 #s and 22″ !! Would like to see more weight drop off, but soooo happy with the inches, with how clothes are fitting! People are noticing!

Week 6 – Made my 20# goal this week (yea!) and an extra #, too! Exercising is what is really making the difference, the juice is what set me free to move again.

Week 7 – Week SEVEN!!!! the time is flying by! Got a late start measuring, Sunday not Thursday. Still losing, still thrilled, yea!!

DAY 60 – Sunday, Sept 18, 2011. Really tried to get to my 30# goal, but its 29 that’s all right by me, cause I know 30 is on its way. Almost 28″ Holy sh*t!! Clothes are my friend again.


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