4-Minute Fitness is a program developed by Dr. Keith Jeffery on a DVD I won in a county-wide weight loss program about 4 years ago. It is a wonderful mind/body fitness offering that incorporates tai chi, yoga, and qi gong moves with meditation, relaxation, neurological and positive affirmation methods, all performed simultaneously in a what’s called a Layered Practice technique (trademarked) .

The DVD is about 60 minutes long and carefully explains every facet of the

Any where, any time, wearing anything

program, every move, every nuance and why it works and is important to the overall effectiveness and power of the program.He even fully describes a sit-down version of the routine for folks with limited mobility.

After you understand what to do and why, then you can just go to the part on the DVD where Dr. Jeffery does the routine.

Once you learn it, this routine can be practiced most anywhere you happen to have 4 minutes. You can easily do the moves in an office in office apparel. I most enjoy doing it outside in the morning. Lately, I’ve been doing it as part of my C25k cool down.

These are the benefits as described on Dr. Jeffery’s website:

gently move almost every muscle and joint
– incorporate powerful tai chi breathing techniques
– strengthen your back and reduce back pain
– reduce pain
– improve sleep
– become more present and focused
– improve immune function
– reduce stress levels almost instantly
– worry less and live in gratitude
– breathe more deeply and fully all the time
– improve flexibility, strength, circulation and balance
– change your thought patterns from negative to positive
– change the neurochemicals in your brain to help heal your body
– decrease dangerous stress hormones and increase hormones that help you feel happy, grateful and content
– help you find balance in all aspects of your life


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