Hi, I’m Nadine.

I live in the beautiful foothills of western NC with my significant other Herb.

We share our world with Shelby the Wonder Puppy

Shelby in the snow 2011

Two barn cats Pippi (the Mom) and Scooter (the daughter)

Momma Pippi is under the left eave and Scooter is under the right

Benny the Beta fish

And a lot of gold fish & 2 koi in the front yard lily pond

Fish & two lilies blooming at once!

And 4 BIG goldfish in the wine barrel water feature out back.

These are 3 year old feeder fish that are now about 5″ long!

Since losing a job I really loved in 2008, I’ve steadily been putting weight on. Part has been a funk and not really engaging with the world, certainly not exercising. And the other part has been just over eating.

We have a huge garden and I’m a veggie-lover. Also, if it looks like it used to walk around, if it has bones or any kind of musculature, I can’t eat it.  I’ve always been this way – it may be from loving all the animals on Grandpa’s farm. I only started eating boneless skinless chicken breast in my mid 30’s.

Hamburger, yes. Steak, no. Take that steak, grind it up and make meatballs, meatloaf, burgers, casserole – yum!

But my big downfall is bread & pasta. No problem if I could stick to reasonable portions, but something about those starches creates cravings and an insatiable drive. There is no such thing as left over lasagna. Cold pizza for breakfast is surpassed only by a special bagel thing I make.

So my thinking is this juicing and staying away from starches for 60 days will skew my body into desiring fruits & veggies over starches and allow me to re-invent portions.

At the same time, this juicing will help me to more quickly lose weight and become a motivator for continuing to make exercise and healthy portions a normal part of my life.


I completed my 60-day juice fest (not fast! – I certainly wasn’t deprived)

Lost just under 30#s but I lost a ton of inches, had great energy, completed the Power 90 fitness program, and the C25K running program.

Became so pleased with myself physically, I actually became a Beachbody coach. You can check out my FaceBook page if you’d like.

My juice fest blew all the cravings for processed & refined foods right out the door.

What unbelievable freedom! I don’t crave sandwiches, pastas – FREEDOM, VICTORY! I wish I could wave a magic wand and give everyone that has ever struggled with their weight and eating habits this beautiful feeling.

Also, along the way I’ve picked up an incredible amount of info regarding nutrition and fitness. I’m no expert (ex=has been, spurt=drip under pressure, ha!) not a dietician, physical therapist or any other kind of credentialed professional. I just know what worked for me and what I’ve learned from interacting with many many others on their journeys to wellness/weight loss, reading lots of books and articles along a wide spectrum of opinion and study as well as a number of documentary films.

After adding in a little common sense and a few reality checks, I find I can really help others reach their fitness goals. Its a journey that doesn’t end with losing X amount of weight, that’s when the real journey just gets started! Come join me, on FaceBook, we can all make it helping and lifting each other!

On a sad note, Benny the Beta Fish, has left us for the big aquarium in the sky…yet everyone else in our little group is fine & dandy!



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  1. Hey…

    Connected via … some path I can’t remember. The joy of the internet.

    I too embarked upon 60 days of juicing, but stopped after 45 days. Huge cravings. I figured out that I was craving protein, which made sense since I had continued my gym workouts and in fact had ramped them up. A couple of weeks of eating – I recommend Joel Fuhrman’s book “Eat to Live” for a plan on what to eat when you start again – and I am back on green juice for another month. Down 30+ pounds effortlessly, and now I add some vegan protein powder into my juice in the morning. This stuff is a complete protein and seems to have killed the cravings.. http://www.amazon.com/Garden-of-Life-RAW-Protein/dp/B0031JK96C/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1315345871&sr=8-1

    • Hi Rob, I didn’t have any cravings after the second or third day except for a weird chocolate craving around the 45 day mark. I treated myself to some fresh Scuppernong grapes and that took care of it! I’m averaging about 1/2 # a day and been doing that Tony Horton Power 90 exercise routing. I going to step up my exercise this last 2 weeks to include the C25K program, now that I’m feeling so much more energy – getting out with my dog will make her happier, too!

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