General Tips

I don’t like calling my juicing regime a “fast”, I call it a juice-fest!. To me a fast implies a deprivation and the way I juice  seems completely natural to my body. My first day of juicing, it felt odd not to chew, since then I’ve only had 1 craving for chocolate (me?!?) and rather than give in to it, I went to the grocers and treated myself to fresh seasonal scuppernong grapes. Nope, the only thing missing are empty non-nutritious calories.

First rule is pretty simple and not original to me – eat a rainbow! Think colors like red, orange, yellow, blue, and most important GREEN.

Your daily intake has to be based on super greens: kale, spinach, romaine and other lettuces, parsley (cilantro is a little too overpowering for me to be used in bulk) collards, beet greens, mustard and turnip greens.  (see note, below.)

Now before you turn away, I’ll share that except for lettuce, spinach, beet greens & parsley, I don’t care for the taste or texture of the other greens, so that taste has to be masked!

Ginger and lemon take the bite out of the bitter greens and both add great nutrients themselves.  The ginger is a really good digestive soother, so if you have any trouble transitioning, ginger is your friend! You only need to add a small 1″ piece, about the size of your top thumb knuckle, to be effective.

For my juicer, I will peel my lemon first, not all the pith, just most of the outer rind so my juicer can more easily get to the good stuff – I also throw in the skin (that’s flavor – that’s zest!)

Also adding carrots, beets (root,) pears and apples add a lot of juice, sweet flavor and of course, nutrients.

Most everyday I do a vegetable and hard fruit juice for breakfast and dinner and blend a fruit smoothie with soft fruits for lunch.


I like to drink my juices cold, so I try to keep most of the ingredients in the ‘fridge and I keep my big 16oz drinking glass in the freezer, too.


A word about onions… I love onions, I adore onions: spring, green, sweet, red, leeks, shallots… I love onions in almost anything.

BUT I’ve yet to include onion in any of my juice combinations that didn’t ruin the taste for me. Onion for me is just too overpowering. So I’ll wait until I’m chewing again to include my lovely onion friends in my recipes.

NOTE: I cannot abide the bitter, bite of mustard greens. imho absolutely NOTHING can mask that nasty taste, so I don’t juice them. I don’t eat them raw nor do I cook them or eat them with anything, ever, period. If you like the taste then juice away (ew!)



Some folks use the pulp, particularly carrot and zucchini pulp, in various cake and muffin recipes.  If your juicer leaves your pulp moist enough for use in a carrot cake, you might want to consider getter a better juicer…

I’m hoping my juicer extracts all the good juice, nutrients, vitamins, enzymes, etc., from my fruits and veggies, so that pulp isn’t really contributing much nutritionally to other recipes.

In my opinion, the pulp is best used incorporated into my garden as organic matter to make my veggies happy and healthy for me to use in future juices and my flowers happy, too, to add beauty and color to my little piece of the world.


Thinking of getting a juicer and not sure which one? The Best Juicer Reviews is a great place to start.


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