4-5 ice cubes

1 banana

½  cup berries (strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, cherry or a combo)

½ cup pineapple, peaches or melon

¼ cup cold water

Banana, fesh peach, frozen cherries


Yummy, garnished with fresh mint

Throw it all in the blender, fresh or frozen. My blender seems to do better if I put the ice in first.

This is my standard lunch and it is soo good plus it gives me the energy to get through the afternoon. Afternoons used to be a drag, literally! I didn’t realize it was probably from eating an out of balance lunch – burger, fries, pizza, whatever – heavy carbs, usually greasy. That feels so wrong to me now.




For about 2 years I did super protein smoothies for breakfast see my juice or juicing post for that recipe. It’s not so different from above except, no protein powder, yogurt or supplements. If I knew then what I know now about my body, I’d have had them for lunch not breakfast!


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