Day 29 – Half way through!


Yikes ! I burned my pinky & ring finger on my left hand with boiling water this morning. Typing this with one hand – not fun – its throbbing.

Anyway – I’m halfway done with this phase of juicing and I feel great. I did completely blow it last night, but I feel NO remorse or regret as I have in the past with other weight loss programs – that is a HUGE biggie for me.

Herb & I had dinner with my best friend from high school. She & her hubby were in Asheville visiting her son and daughter-in-law and her newest grandbaby. Annie is the kind of friend where though we don’t see or talk to each other for years, when we get together, we pick up the conversation as though we spoke just yesterday – so comfortable and warm.

We ate at Bouchonand it was perfect weather so we ate al fresco in the back sort of grotto area.

Herb, Dick, Anne & I at Bouchon

Started with escargot, country style pate’, and scallops gratinnée. I had 1 escargot and 2 bites of each appetizer. Then Herb got the salmon special and I got chicken cordon bleu; they make it with prosciutto & gruyere    – yumm! so I had 1 bite of Herb’s fish and gave him about 1/3 of mine. Just water with lime to drink for me.

Then we went up stairs to a little outdoor area called Lexington Square between Bouchon and their sister restautant, Creperie Bouchon. Anne got Crepe Suzette with gran marnier sauce and Dick & I shared a Crepe Galen filled with Nutella and berries with homemade whipped cream. I only took a few bites but oooo-la-la was it good!

A little combo was playing a kind of sweet ragtime-style music and we chatted until well after the sun went down. I didn’t want the evening to end, it was so good to see Anne again. But they will be back in December and they’ll come over for dinner to enjoy some of Herb’s cooking and so her son, the chef, can see Herb’s mushroom set up.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself and while this was certainly not juice, I don’t feel like I went way overboard. I didn’t feel stuffed or bloated. Frankly, I am pleased that I didn’t get an upset stomach after eating all that rich food after not eating anything like that in almost a month!

But it did effect my measuring day, today, because when I weighed myself yesterday I was a pound lighter than today. Back on the juicing wagon and staying steady with Tony Horton’s Beach Body Power 90 exercising. I’ve also stepped up my bike exercise this week, going from 100 pedals to setting the timer for 5 minutes.

I can feel my body getting stronger. Not sure how to describe it, but like my body is flowing more with the exercises rather than fighting it (Yeaaa – another VICTORY!) The exercise is definitely helping with the inches; check out my progress here. 

Last night I comfortably wore a favorite pair of dress jeans I’d not been able to get into at all when I started this change. Beyond the measurements and weighing, zipping up a pair of pants comfortably is a really, really great feeling.


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