DAY 60 – What a Ride!


The time has flown by. I can’t believe its been 60-days already. I’d really wanted to lose at least 30#s in my 60 days, but only made it to 29 (ONLY?-ha!)

The big news is between the juicing and the consistent exercise (that’s the key, friends) I’ve lost almost 28 inches. Check out my progress.

Check it out - I can see the floor!!!

I’m going to continue to exercise and juice regularly as I slowly reintroduce chewable foods. I mean to listen to my body and see how it reacts. I plan to nip any cravings in the bud with a day or two of juicing to get my blood sugars calmed down.

Breakfast today was steamed broccoli, scallions and peppers, tossed with garlic, S&P – simple quick and chewable!

Tonight, Herb & I’ll eat together for the first time since meeting friends Anne & Dick in Asheville weeks ago.  Veggie pizza with Herb’s homemade whole wheat crust. I’ll try to remember to take photos!

I am so grateful to the movie Fat Sick & Nearly Dead for getting me started on this incredible journey of self discovery and to the movie Forks Over Knives for giving me the inspiration to change my eating habits for good and especially for finding the movies for “free” on Netflix play on demand.

In addition, I’m grateful to Judi Finneran, the first online friend and supporter and source of inspiration I met when I began my juice-fest and all the folks on the Rebooter website and face book page that have accompanied me making me laugh, giving me good info and sharing themselves and tasty juice recipes!



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