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2nd-60 – Day 31 – Buy Local


I’m really fortunate to live in a lovely rural area whose economy is driven by equine and tourism industries. that means everyone has a vested interest in conserving the land, keeping it healthy and sustainable.

Herb & I grow lots of our own food as you can see in some of my garden photos. We also grow 4 types of oyster mushrooms and 4 types of shiitake mushrooms from spawn we get from Field & Forest. We also forage local wild mushrooms – morel, puff’rooms, chanterelles, craterllus, Hen of the Woods and wild oysters (they’re everywhere around here!) The nutritional value of mushrooms is often overlooked as are mushrooms’ medicinal qualities.

In addition to our efforts to live closer to nature, check out this video – A friend of ours sells a lot of our surplus produce here at the Tailgate Market and I sell our elderberry and elder flower syrups and Herb’s Carpenter Bee Traps there, too.


2nd 60 – Day 24 – Push Ups


Gotta share this – I’m about to burst! Today, while doing my Power 90 Sculpt circuit this morning, I did the pushups on my toes !!!! This is big stuff!

When I began this journey, my idea of a good push up was either a fine brassiere  or ice cream treat  rather than a fitness move.

At first I could only do 5 regular in part one, 5 wide in part two and in part three you are supposed to do 10 wide, 10 close and 10 regular. Well, I did 5 wide, just sort of hunched my shoulders down 5 times for the close ones and then 5 regular.

After 64 days consistently following the P90 program, I could do 15 in each of part one & two and 10 of each style in part three. Although the close ones are still not pretty in form, I think they would still be classified as push ups…

So this morning, I just got the thought to do them from my toes. What a difference! Rather than feeling like all the power is in my shoulders and triceps, you can REALLY feel it in the abs/core area.

I have to admit, I’m back to doing 5 reps but that’s okay because now I know I’ll work up to the max if I just keep doing it.

Later in the morning, I took Shelby to Harmon Field for Day2Week5 of the C25K program. Warm up walk, jog 8 minutes (that’s eight minutes? Yes, I said eight minutes – I know, right?) walk 5, jog 8. It was tough but I did it (yea!)

My mind swung like a pendulum between feeling amazing that I was able to jog not uncomfortably for the prescribed time, then I found I was psyching myself out – thinking about Day 3 coming up on Friday – warm up walk for 5 minutes then jog for 20 minutes (!!).  Thinking I’ll never be able to do that. Then thinking, “Heck yes I can – I didn’t think I could do any of this!”  If I survive, I’ll tell ya all about it.

2nd 60 – Day 22 – Eat Right, Exercise and Take…


We’ve heard it a million times in TV, radio and print advertisements for everything from weight loss products to serious prescription medications for rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes and erectile dysfunction. So what does “eat right” really mean?

Using my powerful computer, I google “Eat right America” it comes back with 134,000,000 results. If I google “Eat right kids books” it comes back with 188,000,000 results.  Yikes!

From Check it out their Lifestyle Expo in October.

Does that seem as over the top to you as it does to me? Maybe we are too far removed from nature and what’s real. Maybe the availability of so many processed quick & easy meals, maybe so many conflicting messages on TV are confusing us?

Are our lives really supposed to be so hectic and crammed with so many duties that we don’t have time to properly feed ourselves? So filled with stuff we don’t want to do yet have to do that we cannot relax or play in joyful movement? In American we’re supposed to work hard to make our dreams come true. But what do you really dream about? Is it a through hike on the Appalachian Trail or affording mozzarella stuffed meatballs with fettuccine Alfredo? Diving the Great Barrier Reef or watching Survivor on TV with a bucket of the colonel’s chicken & biscuits?

Okay, enough of the rant… It just seems to me if we eat right & exercise we won’t have to take… whatever.

Here’s what eating right means to me (and I’ve only been eating over 50 years now…)

  • First – Use smaller plates and bowls to guide portions
  • Eat a rainbow – colorful foods!
  • Eat mostly vegetables, locally grown if not self grown. Try not to buy from outside the US.
  • Eat raw or juiced veggies more often then cooked.
  • Eat salads with most of your meals – even breakfast!
  • Eat a lot of fruits, again, the more local the better.
  • Eat smaller portions of 100% whole grain breads & pastas (see # ingredients, below) about 1 to 3  grain to veggie ratio.
  • Drink lots of filtered water, at least 48 oz a day. Drink other things, too, like herbal teas and such.
  • NO SODA POP, diet or otherwise, ever.
  • Stay away from processed foods. Processed foods are any foods with more than 7 ingredients or any ingredients with chemical sounding names I do not recognize.

I’m not a food-nazi, but I keep these foods to a bare minimum. btw, bare minimum means two to four times a month:

2nd 60 – Day 20 – C25K Week 4 Done!


Herb & I went to see Cowboys & Aliens last night for Date Night. It was okay – Harrison Ford really carried it.

This morning I woke up and got dressed to accomplish Day3Week4 of C25K. Drove out to Harmon field and couldn’t find my iPod. I need it ’cause the music & timing for the program is on it. Dumped everything out of my purse and it just wasn’t there. So now I’m panicked because I spent all day yesterday in meetings in Asheville and I’m praying it didn’t somehow fall out or get stolen.

I rushed back home and there it was in the charger! I really do not remember putting it in there. But I picked it up and went right back out the door and back to the park. Got my program done and I feel amazing – like a warrior Goddess!


2nd 60 – Day 18 – Finally Reward #2 – Zipline!!


If you’ve been following my journey, you’ll know I’ve been a little preoccupied because I still haven’t broken the 30# mark.

Its been so long, I’m making very healthy food & portion choices, exercising (moving joyfully!) consistently but that goal remains out of reach. Then I got to thinking (always a dangerous proposition) I never gave myself my 20# reward !!

Whasssssup wid dat?

I’ve been wanting to do the Navitat Zip line Tour since before this journey started and thought it would be a good incentive. We’re watching our $$ for a variety of reasons yet I decided I’m not waiting any more and got my partner in crime, Susie D to go zipping with me!

It was everything I’d hoped for and more.  And now that I’ve gotten my 20# reward the universe should let me move forward with my 30# goal, make sense?


2nd 60 – Day 15 – Hiking


Herb, Shelby the wonder Puppy & I went hiking in the Pisgah Nat’l Forest yesterday. That was my joyful movement as I don’t Power 90 or C25k on Sunday – that’s my recoup day.

It was glorious – mid 60s, sun shining, just the perfect fall day. Not too many people, but enough so they could take a picture of Herb & I at strategic views!

Herb made a delicious juice with apples, pears, sweet & red potatoes, celery, carrots and cilantro. I also brought chop salad, blackberries and oatmeal cookies.

We stopped at an open air pavilion over looking the Triple Falls to enjoy our picnic, there was one other group when we got there, and after they left we had the whole place to ourselves. Best restaurant in town!

As I’m looking at the pictures, always hyper-critical of myself, my only thoughts were I’ve got to get some better fitting jeans – those make me look like I’ve got thunder thighs and I KNOW I do not! It is a great feeling to know if I look bad in a picture its because of the clothes (lighting, composition, etc.) and not my weight!

I used to say my best lighting was by candlelight preferably about 1/2 mile away!~ Not anymore, bring those cameras up close, bay-bee!

2nd 60 – Day 14 – Inches Not Pounds


Today, Sunday, is Progress Day.

Weighed in after staying off the scale most of the week. Imagine my dismay when I saw I was down only 1# – down is good, of course, but it is still one pound more than when I finished the juicing. And I still haven’t cracked that 30# goal.

However, getting that off my chest, I’m so steadily down in inches (yippee!) I can go into my closet and wear any damn thing I want. I can go to my jeans cabinet and pullout any pair I want. I can be picky because its not just what I can fit my fat ass into, its what do I feel like wearing and how does it show me off to best advantage?

So what’s up with the weight?  Something wrong with my scale? How can I lose that many inches and not be shedding pounds, too?

Of course, I started Googling and came across this photo & info and this is the first time I’ve really understood the fat vs muscle thing.

A person weighing 150 with 19% body fat is going to be much slimmer than a same height person weighing 150 with 35% body fat who will be more lumpy and dumpy.

The weight will come off in time as I continue eating mostly fruits & veggies and exercising. I am going to come up with another word for exercising, because the word exercise still has connotations of exertion, and duty, not joyful movement. I’ll think on that as Herb & I hike the Triple Fall and High Falls in Pisgah Nat’l forest today.