4th of July


I wrote this yesterday, but couldn’t get to my photos so I’m posting it today

4th of July, its early morning with the sun just coming up. I’ve begun taking nature walks in the morning usually going out to Tom Raymond’s Fitness Trail behind St. Luke’s Hospital.

This morning however I went for a walk right here on our 6 acres on a trail through the woods Herb & I put in about 6 years ago.

It runs in an sort of ½ mile elliptical loop from the back of the house past the blueberry hedge and into the woods. Past Mushroom Central (where the shiitake logs are kept), down a steep slope with holly, dogwood, sassafras and other trees, then beside a burbling creek through a mountain laurel lined path, back up a rather steep slope peppered with lady’s slippers in the spring, along a path where the oyster mushroom monoliths line the driveway. Cross the driveway, up the path to the grape arbor, turn and go along the asparagus bed back into the woods to loop around in back of the barn. Turn and retrace your steps and you’ve got a nice little mile walk.

This morning I took some meditative literature with me to read on a primitive log bench Herb made for me down by the creek. I easily get lost in the low chuckle of the creek and the play of light through the leaves there – it was my “get-away” spot long before Herb made the bench.

When I finished my mind journey and continued my walk, I saw two black snakes and a box turtle and found three new spots where Reishi (Ganoderma) mushrooms are growing. Herb & I have been foraging Reishi mushrooms for quite some time now. We dry them out and then grind them to a powder in a coffee grinder to add to our teas.

This is the top of a Reishi mushroom I picked to show Herb – note the shiny varnished look.

This is what the underside looks like, smooth stark white body abruptly meeting the almost purplish stem.

Two more Reishi (Ganoderma) fungi (took this photo just this morning as I didn’t have my camera with me yesterday)

Then it started getting super hot out.

Scooter (on her back) and Pippi hanging together (very unusual!) on the cool concrete in the shade

As I write this, I have a blueberry and pear custard pie in the oven that is beginning to give off a really heavenly aroma. Note: here are some photos I took of the pie later when it came out and after we’d dived into it before going to see the splendid fireworks in town.

Hot out of the oven – Blueberry and Bartlett pear pie.

Served with homemade peach ice cream – sorry, no photos, it was scarfed up as soon as it hit the plates!

I really love our place and this country. I have so much to be grateful for. Deepest appreciation to the brave soldiers that have given their all so that I could enjoy this day with Herb, his two sons Daniel & Zac and our friend Jarrod.

Happy Birthday, America, you’ve got a Grand Old Flag and long may she wave..


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