This journey starts Monday September 19, 2011. I’ve just finished my 60-day juice-fest and will be re-introducing chewable (ha!) foods. I still plan to juice quite regularly as I listen to my body and move toward a predominantly whole foods, plant-based style of eating. So, here’s how this part goes…

Week One – I’ve been checking my weight every day when I awaken, so I was really dismayed to find that the day after I started eating again I’d put on 2#s (!) and then the next day ‘d put on another 2#s – I’ve not been eating anything to warrant that gain – no meat, very very little dairy, 2 slices whole wheat bread sandwich, that’s all week! other than that its been bean and vegetable soups. Still doing my Power 90 & C25K programs.  So I’ve quit weighing myself every day – down 2 of the 4#s, up 2 #s for the week – we’ll see, this is a new learning experience.

Week Two – I’m down more than 31″ from where I started, unbelievable! The pounds are not moving much, but that will come in time, besides, who cares when I can see the results in my closet!

Week Three – Didn’t weigh myself once this week except for Sunday, progress day. Down one more pound and 1/2″ overall, still haven’t broken the 30# mark yet but I’m feeling too good about everything else! I did Day1Week1 program on Sunday with Herb and he did great – he used to run like Forest Gump as a kid and well into his 40s, then he was fairly well knocked on his ass after being bitten by a Brown Recluse spider and, being macho, refused to go to a doctor and chose to tough it out… But now with me starting to run, he’s getting the old itch to do it too (yea!) He even did my 4-Minute Fitness routine as part of our cool down.


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