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Day 10 – Juicing or juices?


When a friend of mine learned I was making fruit smoothies in my blender she asked if that was “cheating”? Well, I don’t know.

I use my juicer for veggies (kale, carrots, celery, etc.) and hard fruits like apples and pears. I use my blender for soft fruits like fresh peaches, berries, pineapple, banana, etc.  I do not add anything like yogurt, protein powder, or whatever so it is still just juice.

My Hamilton Beach Juice Extractor and Smoothie Freeze Blender

The juicer I use is a Hamilton Beach Juice Extractor. Herb picked this up a few years ago for about $40.

I like the wide mouth because I don’t have to cut things up in little pieces. It is super easy to clean; I use a toothbrush on the strainer. It leaves a little more moisture in the pulp than I would like and maybe a higher quality juicer would get more of that, but this puts out a lot of juice. I put the pulp right onto the flower beds rather than the compost heap because it is already quite broken down and will work its way into the soil with the rain. This juice fast is gonna be GREAT for my flower beds!

I got my Back to Basics Smoothie Freeze blender about 2 years ago for $20.

And for the past 2 years I’ve used the blender almost daily making mega healthy breakfast smoothies: 1 banana plus 1 cup frozen or fresh (berries or peaches or pineapple) plus 1/2 cup plain yogurt, 1/2 scoop chocolate flavored whey protein powder plus 1/2 tsp Vitamin-C powder, 1/4 tsp spirulina, 1/8 tsp cinnamon and a couple shakes of nutmeg.

Now, on this juice fast, I only blend the fruit – no extras. The re-boot program I’m sort of following allows for juicing fruits, but because they are so high naturally in fructose (sugar) I only do fruit-only juices once a day. Also, I like the fact that I’m getting all the fiber from the blended fruits, too!

So if this is cheating, I can live with that!


Day 8 – week one accomplished!!!


So far so good – check out my progress!

Down 8 #s!!

I’ve been juicing just fine, but again, and this has been my biggest challenge – I’m not consistent with my exercise, well, gotta work on that and the progress I’ve made will inspire me.

The juicing has been satisfying, no cravings don’t really miss chewing. I did “cheat” last night – met up with a friend and she wanted Chinese food – so I got steamed brocolli & tofu, no sauce, no rice. Enjoyed it thoroughly did not feel like I was missing out. And I was satisfied after about half and put the rest away – normally I’d have had to finish it up!

I’m so proud of the way my body is responding to all this healthy nutritional fuel!

For lunch & dinner I’ve been juicing veggies with variations of lemon/apple/carrot/beet to cut the bitterness of the kale – biggest source of protein –  but I’ve been blending fruits for lunch, getting all the pulp & fiber.

Today another friend has invited me to tube a really sweet section of the Green River with her so we’re meeting up at 1 – what a great way to cool off in this heat wave – it’ll be well into the 90s by then!

Day 5 – a bit of a grind


I’m starting to feel like I’m missing out, a little deprived. Not cravings, really, more like just not satisfied. I’m down about 6 pounds and that’s what is keeping me going right now.

I know my body is getting the fuel it needs and I know this is going to be a big change and I need a BIG change, if ya know what I mean.

Strawberry leaf bejewelled with morning rain

So far I’ve been blending (smoothies) my fruit juices rather than juicing them. My favorite right now is pineapple, strawberry & peach – we have lovely fresh peaches this time of year & I got beau coup frozen strawberries from this spring’s harvest. We’ve harvested our peaches and the deer got more than a few.

Here’s a cute story: When Herb’s son Daniel was visiting, a little fawn, spots & all was stealing peaches. Daniel moved very slowly along the garden and when he got to about 15′ from the peach tree, the little deer acted more confused than scared, but ran away. So Daniel goes to the tree to pick some peaches and the little fawn  came back! He got about as close to Daniel as Daniel had gotten to him. Daniel held out the peaches in his hand to the fawn, but he sniffed a little and then ran off again.

And maybe I’ve been bummed lately about all the greed and corruption that is going on leading our country into a tailspin:

And I could make the list much longer, starting with Bill Moyers’ Secret Government from 1987.

Then a friend of mine told me that it would probably be best for my mental health to, “Tend to your garden and be the love you are.” While I do not proscribe to the sticking your head in the sand, the problems are just too big, too widespread and no one seems to want to fix, really fix anything.

So, lets talk about the garden. Its about 100×100′ and right now its got kale, cabbage, brussel sprouts, tomatoes, banana & bell peppers (red, yellow & purple) and a new kind of sweet habanero pepper. We’ve got squash, zucchini, pocket melons and watermelons. The deer decimated our pumpkin, beans and cucumbers. My friend, above, told me about an enviroment and crop friendly deer repellent from Sweden called Plant Skyyd that we’ll try next year.

Day Three – I’m not at the Party


I’ve had a few pangs to go eat something, but not a huge contest of will. Felt a little weaker today. Got my walk in with the dog and spent some time out in the garden picking elderberries for syrup (after the fast). Also picked kale, cabbage, brussel sprouts, tomatoes, bell & banana peppers and I did find three very small beets. Wanted some blueberries, but this is not a stellar year for our harvest. Pears won’t be ripe for quite some time – so its store bought  fruit  for the rest of the fast.

I’m down 4.6 pounds from when I started and that is making me feel GREAT!

But I’m a little bummed, they’re throwing my nephew a surprise 30th birthday party today and I wasn’t able to make it.  His wife is expecting their first child in September and I would love to see her bump, meet my niece’s new daughter and see my best friend. I’m changing my life so I don’t ever have to miss out on the fun times anymore.

Day 2


I survived Day One  woo-hoo!

And when I weighted myself this morning I was down 2 pounds!

Now I’m pleased with that, yet I’m keeping it in perspective – most any diet will cough up those first few water pounds – but I’m in this for the long haul – not a bad start, though.

Dinner - celery, cucumber, lemon, apple, carrots, kale and not pictured spinach & ginger

Yesterday wasn’t as bad as I’d thought and so far today is okay, too. The juice is really keeping my body informed that its getting its fuel. It was a little weird being in the grocery store to stock up on celery, carrots, lemons, apples, pears and beets.  Just thinking of how I don’t need to bother even going down any of those other aisles – everything I need is in the produce department.

Hated buying beets, we grew a lot this season and pickled most of them up. I’m going to scour the west end of the garden and see if any are hiding between the kale and the sunflowers.  I’m also going to gather some cabbages, mint and blueberries. Pears are on their way and our friend’s orchard is putting out the peaches – so that’ll help with the grocery bill. I’m going to keep track of that, too and see if I spend more for all fruits & veggies or for the stuff I have been buying.

I had my version of Mean Green Juice this morning – ah – but for lunch I had my big beautiful orange Kellogs Breakfast tomato, two Early Girls and a handful of the White Cherry tomatoes. Sliced with just a tiny drizzle of olive oil, red wine vinegar and salt & pepper. What a treat to do a taste test! The KB was soooo good and I must say after being able to sample them all together the red Early Girls were #1, followed very closely by the KB and the White Cherry just didn’t stack up. So while the White Cherry was still wayyyy better than any commercial tomatoes, because the output was just mediocre I don’t believe I will be growing them next year. So even thought lunch was not juice, I don’t feel I fell off the wagon because those luscious tomatoes were perfectly juicy!

Final note for today – As all of us professional weight losers know, diet alone is not sufficient, so I got my exercise in this morning. I walked Shelby to the end of the street and back – about 10 minutes, weeded in the lily pond garden for about 15 minutes and did the Tony Horton Power 90 Sculpt (weight) routine about 25 minutes. He’s promised me a Beach Body in 90 days so – yippeeeeeeeeee!

Girlfriends are doin’ it for themselves – YEA!

Morning, Day 1


As Lauren Cooper would say, “AwwRight”

I’m a little thrown, I just picked my first Kellogg’s Breakfast Tomato. Herb plants mostly Beefsteak varieties and heirlooms like German Johnson. I planted 3 varieties:

Kelloggs Breakfast, Early Girl, White Cherry

  • Early Girl  – very conventional but one of the first to fruit and fabulous vine ripened taste.
  • White Cherry – these are actually a very soft yellow color but full tomato taste, slightly less acidic. I like them very much yet the plant does not produce anywhere near as well as a Sweet 100, so I won’t plant these again.
  • Kelloggs Breakfast – An orange beefsteak tomato, less acidic than red. I planted this for the novelty also, and now in order to know what it is like, taste, texture, etc. I’ll have to eat it, not juice it.

So while it is a small deviation, I will let my beautiful big orange tomato rest on the counter today and have it for breakfast tomorrow as a treat for juicing today.

I’m recording my weight, BMI and measurements on the Progress page. Sipping fresh mint tea. Will write more tonight!

Why Juice?


Like most folks, I’m overweight. Didn’t get that way over night, and while I often eat good fresh veggies & such, I spun into a bit of a depression and quit exercising. I spend too much time in front of a computer or a tv.

Well, I watched a movie last night called FAT, SICK and NEARLY DEAD. It’s about Joe Cross, an Aussie dude that weighed about 300 pounds and gotten sick with an auto immune-type disease. So he took 2 months off work (must be nice…) and went on a 60-day juice fast. He lost 82 pounds. The big news is he broke the cycle of bad food habits and now his body craves the good stuff:  fresh fruits & veggies. The other big news is he has the energy and inclination to exercise. He broke away from the sick spiral that most of us are “fed” by the media and chain restaurants – mozzarella stuffed meatballs with fettuccini? Really?

That’s what I want!

Anyway, I decided that, as I’ve not been able to stick with less drastic diet & exercise plans, I‘d try a juice fast.  So today, to prepare, I had a meatball sub from Wolverine Pizza – it’s the last

Now that's a meatball sub!

of the indulgent foods I hope to eat – ever. I hadn’t had a good meatball sub in more than 3 years, and my was it good – lots of meatballs, cheesy in the best way and extra marinara sauce! It was huge and its all I’ve eaten all day except for a few raw almonds.

Now that I’ve introduced myself, just a little, the rest of this blog is going to follow my journey into breaking those bad cycles,  losing weight, getting fit but most of all – keeping the weight off and reclaiming my life.