Day 43 – Anchors, a-weigh!!


Yep, its Thursday and that means its weight & measurement day. As you can see from my progress page I’m now down 21# and more than 25″ WOW!!

I’ve added stationary bike and walking to my daily routine on top of my BeachBody Power90 workouts. I gotta love Tony Horton – 25″ in 43 days is amazing, satisfying, motivating, c’mon help me with more adjectives!

The juicing got me going, got me feeling the weight loss and energy to get myself moving.  I’m still loving the juicing and will continue to incorporate juicing into my lifestyle the rest of my life. But the BIG transformation comes from exercising. there’s just absolutely no getting around it.

I’m parking in the last row, farthest from the door when I go shopping or running errands. Soon I will be bicycling into town to run errands. Man, won’t that save gas!

On a sad note, the kale is now all gone, remember the picture of the kale I took from Day 35? I juiced the last of it today, so that sink full lasted 8 days.

I'll be juicing the stems, too

Went to the grocery store and didn’t have the heart to buy kale, so I bought a couple pounds of mustard greens. I feel about them the way I feel about kale (yuck) but they looked so very fresh and green. that I’ll try ’em.

I also picked up more ginger, but somehow it didn’t make it through the checkout process and then home. Not sure what happened, but it was slow at the self checkout and the attendant came over to help me because so much of what I had was produce and not everything was marked with their codes. It might have fallen out of the cart. I’ll have to pick some up today as I really like the subtle little something it brings to the mix.


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