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3rd 60 – Getting back into the swing!


Getting back to juicing and remembering why I enjoyed it so the first time. Feel great, like an extra light shining in my brain (through all the holes in my head – ha!) I juiced the last of the broccoli leaves this morning, so its back to kale as my staple green. It is wonderful how the kale is less bitter  in the winter.

Beautiful purple-top turnips with an orange for scale

I’ve been eating a lot of turnips, one of my favorite veggies. I eat them roasted, boiled, mashed and love ’em to pieces. My younger brother always requests turnips at our big family holiday meals.

So, I added a turnip to the juice and am really impressed that one large turnip yielded 1 full cup of snowy white juice.

The turnip juice really dominated and turned the batch a little bitter, so I added another apple, carrot and bit of ginger and that mellowed it right out.

From now on, I’ll only juice a smaller turnip (like the size on the left) or only half a large one. The greens are supposed to be even more nutritious than the bulb, but, like the mustard green (and you know how I feel about mustard greens) they are just too bitter for words.


3rd 60 – Happy New Year!!


Herb, Zac & I on New Years Eve

This new year, 2012, is off to a wonderful start! Herb’s younger son and his friend came up from Florida to help us ring in the new year. I took a 6-day photo record of a couple shiitake mushrooms from first flush on Christmas Day on an indoor log Herb inoculated. Check the photos out on my Mushroom page

I’ve been eating just like the old days, and I’m here to tell ya, it just doesn’t have the same appeal as it used to. Although we’ve been eating lots of veggies – still getting good kale, turnips and lettuces from the garden – we’ve also been indulging in lots more sweets and breads.

To celebrate quests and family, and because we had an abundance of mushrooms and broccoli, Herb made Chicken Crepes w/Mushroom Sauce about 5 times in the last month. While it is so tasty, it is not what you’d call a lean dish… Plus he’s been making artisan bread and experimenting with various savory additions with lots of herbs and garlic – very tasty and he’s got the crumb (texture of the body of the bread) and crust down to a science. While homemade and exceptional, these indulgences are not doing anything to further my healthier lifestyle nor my goals for the year ahead.

Herb and I were talking yesterday and agreed we felt so much more energy and less achy-yucky when we were juicing more. I can really tell the difference in my training for the Warrior Drive Five. I’m getting cramps or spasms in my lower back and having to do extra stretches in the middle of my exercise.

Lovely broccoli

So now that the holidays are over, I’m going to juice the rest of the month, starting with the last of the broccoli leaves. We got some gorgeous broccoli this season – cooked to emerald green perfection and it almost had a sweet tone.

We’ve pulled the spent broccoli plants from the garden and I salvaged all the tenderest leaves for juicing. I look forward to sharing my progress and hearing from you too!

Happy New Year everybody!