When i was a young child my Mom taught me colors with M&Ms – guess the color and you could have that one. Then a little later she taught me counting and math – guess how many she had in her hand or add how many she had in each hand and I could have those.

How’s that for a food trigger? Being smart meant you got food and Mommy’s love and admiration!

Well, I’m no psychologist, but now I know better than to use food as a reward, so as I reach my goals, I’ll post photos of me!

Full body massage, facial, mani-pedi - Spaaaaaah is right!

When I drop 10 pounds, I will reward myself with a full spa day. Made it (yea!) and went to Essence Day Spa for an integrated massage and European facial (heaven!) when I walked out of there I felt like a little piece of daffodil fluff, just floating on a summer breeze. I will definitively be back for more massages! I went to JK Nails in Columbus for the mani/pedi and was sooo disappointed. They did a good job on my cuticles, but I suspect they buy salon quality polish and when the bottle is empty they fill it with cheapy-cheapy polish. It took 3 coats to make the line between my distal and nail plate disappear and then after 10 minutes under the setting light & fan, as soon as I got out to my car and put my seat belt on it badly ruined my thumbnail. they fixed that, but even after I got home, within 3 hours the polish looked dull and “rough”. they are inexpensive so I guess I got what I paid for…

When I drop 20 pounds, I will reward myself with a Navitat Zip-line tour.  This was so much better than I’d even hoped! 10 zip lines and 2 long rope bridges took Susie D & I all over the Moon Gap just off  the western edge of the Pisgah National Forest. Seldom going below 60′ and as high as 205′, zipping about 30 to 45 mph, this was an exhilarating adventure! The guides were knowledgeable about the trees and many of the medicinal and edible plants in the old growth woods. The land is leased from the family that owned it since before the Civil War. Interestingly, 2 sons fought for the Confederacy and 2 sons fought for the North. Their father missed the boys and joined the Confederacy as a chaplain. All 5 came home with but minor injuries. Navitat has a 25-yr lease with an option to extend.

When I drop 30 pounds, I will get Herb to teach me to fly his PPC machine

Like a go-cart/airboat with a parachute attached!

When I drop 40 pounds, I will visit my brother in Colorado

The Mile High City!

When I drop 50 pounds, I will get a VW diesel Jetta wagon

Diesel Jetta Wagon inToffe Brown Metallic

When I drop 65 pounds, I will get an entire new wardrobe, from undies to coats.

Look at me now!!!!


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