Day 8 – week one accomplished!!!


So far so good – check out my progress!

Down 8 #s!!

I’ve been juicing just fine, but again, and this has been my biggest challenge – I’m not consistent with my exercise, well, gotta work on that and the progress I’ve made will inspire me.

The juicing has been satisfying, no cravings don’t really miss chewing. I did “cheat” last night – met up with a friend and she wanted Chinese food – so I got steamed brocolli & tofu, no sauce, no rice. Enjoyed it thoroughly did not feel like I was missing out. And I was satisfied after about half and put the rest away – normally I’d have had to finish it up!

I’m so proud of the way my body is responding to all this healthy nutritional fuel!

For lunch & dinner I’ve been juicing veggies with variations of lemon/apple/carrot/beet to cut the bitterness of the kale – biggest source of protein –  but I’ve been blending fruits for lunch, getting all the pulp & fiber.

Today another friend has invited me to tube a really sweet section of the Green River with her so we’re meeting up at 1 – what a great way to cool off in this heat wave – it’ll be well into the 90s by then!


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