Day 15 – Week Two done!


Yippeee! I reached my first 10# goal!!!!!!

I’m down 11 pounds from when I started, three pounds this week and down 12 inches, too – woohooo! Check out my progress.

But those 3 pounds were just the last two days – almost all this week I didn’t just stay at 205, I was at 206 (?!) How in the world could I not only be not losing but have gained???

Well, if you look at my post from yesterday, you’ll know – combination of body freaking out and not exercising consistently. So now that I’ve got the juicing thing down and I’m happy and satisfied with that, I’ve got to get busy with the exercise part.

If I can’t get exercise imbedded as part of my daily life no diet is going to work and I will not get lasting results. So since Monday, I’ve been doing  my Tony Horton Power 90 work outs.

My exercise bike

Also, I’ve added my exercise bike when I’m watching tv – its hard for me, but I want to build up the leg strength to ride my real bike around town for quick errands. It’s only about 2 miles to the post office in town, 3 to the grocery store, 4 to the library.

Herb found this bike for me at our local Old Mill Market Square Antique Mall. It’s an excellent quality bike and everything worked on it, but Herb really polished it up nice and added the oak foot bar as the original plastic one was broken.

This week, I’ll start doing 100 pedal sets 3 times a day and work up from there.


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