We’ve got a big 100′ x 100′ veggie garden and 2 70′-row grape arbor, lots of blueberry bushes, pear, peach and cherry trees and a kitchen herb garden. See the photos for Sept 2011 to see what we’ve got going in the veggie garden.


We call 'em Bandwing Grasshoppers, bad news!

9/12/11: Grasshoppers are taking over! We’ve had to re-plant a number of broccoli and cauliflower seedlings, about 12′ of kale coming up from seed has disappeared along with about half the sugar snap peas. Completely re-sowed the entire row of spinach that was coming up nicely. The best method for keeping all garden bugs to a minimum is chickens, and we tried that 2 years ago. We got 35 assorted chicks and it was so neat to watch them grow. Sadly, we lost all 35 to hawks, ‘coons and neighborhood dogs over the course of 2 months…   Heard of a method of dusting leaves with all purpose (NOT self rising) flour that is supposed to work quickly and thoroughly. Will let you know.




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