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2nd 60 – Day 12 – Observations


Almost 2 weeks past my 60-day juice fest and feeling great. I began this journey, one most of my friends think is an extreme action they could/would never do, because I was a prisoner to eating. I had to eat almost every 3 hours no matter what I had last eaten. If I didn’t, I’d start to get what I called “peckish” which meant I was getting anxious and that would be followed by headache-y. I tried:

  • smaller portions
  • no white bread, rice or pasta
  • no carbs

But I couldn’t stick with any of it more than a day or three. It would not take much to throw me off the wagon. Let me be honest here – I’d take or make any excuse to leap off that wagon like a grasshopper on a hot plate.

In my mind I was a food-a-holic. Like Step One in AA, I admitted I was powerless over eating. But unlike AA, I couldn’t quit eating and live… until I discovered how to healthfully “fast” with juice as it is described in the movie Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead.

Here was a way to get all the healthy natural stuff my body needed without pills, surgery or eating. I went into this with the idea that it would help break my bad habits and cravings.

I am so pleased the juice fest has done just that – broken my dependence upon and craving for food, bread & pasta in particular. Yesterday, I went to Subway with Susie D and we got one of the turkey foot longs to share like we used to do (super loaded up with veggies, oil & vinegar – no mayo) and I could only eat a couple bites with the bread. I ended up dumping the insides out on the paper and eating it w/knife & fork. Also, no chips. These are all very big differences for me and the way I used to eat. I’d rather (really rather) have an apple or other fruit than cake or cookies or a bowl of ice cream. I’m not fighting a battle of wills, I’m just not craving or drawn to the breads and pastas and sweets as I was before. I’m not getting any of those old starvation or crisis anxieties.

And another plus is because my body is getting the nutrients it wants, I’m naturally and effortlessly eating less.

I’m exercising consistently and am pleased to do so. I’m experiencing and enjoying my body in way I probably haven’t since early childhood when everything was wonderful and new and a glorious challenge to master.

I had no idea it was possible for me to feel this sense of joy and accomplishment, its like I’m waking up after a long sad dream.


2nd 60 – Day 11 – Puffrooms!!!


Puffrooms can be softball size or much, much bigger!

I know its fall when the Puff’rooms come out. Also called a puff ball mushroom, they are the big puffy looking mushrooms in lawns and mown fields. They seem to pop out over night.

You need to get them while they are cream to light tan colored. If the outside is very white, almost beautiful, and you’re new to mushroom foraging – leave it alone, it might be a toxic Amanita. If it is too brown, it’s likely too old.

Also, you do not want to pick them, or any mushroom for that matter, if they are growing too close to the road. Mushrooms are very much a product of their environment, and you don’t want to essentially be eating the run off from the roads (eww!)

You should also be cautious about foraging for morel mushrooms in old apple orchards where pesticides were used.  Lots of pesticides are persistent and stay in the soil for years, and morels are the best heavy metal absorbers in the mushroom world.

Firm solid white flesh. Any other color (yellow, blue, whatever) toss it!

But I digress.

Best way to tell a good eating puffroom is to cut it open. If the flesh is firm-spongy solid white – well, hot dog!

You can substitute puffroom flesh in any recipe that calls for eggplant or tofu. It’s  good sauteed with onions in an omelet or any egg dish.  And of course, you can use it in any recipe that calls for mushrooms. Some peel the outer layer off, I usually do not.

Here’s a recipe that actually uses the mushroom flesh as the crust for pizza (I’ve tried this and it is fantastic!)

Puff’rooms do not keep well, so use it the day you pick it. If you’re not going to use it that day, they can be dehydrated or frozen, but I like the fresh-picked texture best.

I have no idea why, but puff’rooms  just make me happy to be alive!

2nd 60 – Day 7 – Enjoy the Ride!


It’s Sunday afternoon; a full week since the end of my 60 day juice fest.I’ve been weighing myself every day, so you can imagine my surprise when I weighed myself last Monday and the scale said I’d gained 2#s. Okay, no need to panic… until I weighed myself the next day and I’d gained 4#s !!!!!

Now, I did have Herb make me a homemade pizza – homemade 100%whole wheat crust, homegrown mushroom sauce and veggies and mozzarella cheese. I only had 2 slices where before I started my juice-fest it would have been 3-4 slices easily! But 2 slices of pizza = 2#s??? I ate nothing but fresh fruit & salad the next day, no cheese burgers or any meat or cheese for that matter = 4#s??? I don’t get it.

Then I was talking with my friend Ann. She said, “Are you really making healthy choices?” and I said, “Yes.”  “Then put it out of your mind.” (She’s a wise one!) Ann reminded me of a bit from Dr. Dean Black’s Releasing Your Healing Powers lecture about how people that can get in their own way being too preoccupied with what they are eating and why – if they are coming from a place of  fear rather than fulfillment and joy.

So I’ve quit weighing myself every morning. I know I am eating in a healthy manner and I’m going to continue to learn about food and delicious ways to prepare veggies & fruits. And I’m consistent with both my Power 90 and C25K exercising. My proof is if I have the energy and inclination to get out there and enjoy my life in balance.

Last night I watched Fat Sick & Nearly Dead again, this time with Herb.

I was a little put out that those guys experienced such huge weight loss (80#s in 60 days – I didn’t even make it to 30!!) But they had a lot more to lose that I did, too.

Oh and btw, my weight was up from last week, but only by 2 and not 4#s and I was down in inches overall – not bad, not bad.

So that’s today’s lesson – I’ll listen to my own body – it loves me and will do what is right for itself in its own time if I let it. So I’m gonna make the best choices I know and enjoy the ride!

2nd 60 – Day 6 Sunny Afternoon


I’m lovin’ life today, finished with week 2 of C25K and between that Power 90, I’m thrilled with the changes I’m seeing and feeling in my body.

I’m an Education Committee volunteer for the Pacolet Area Conservancy. This morning, a group of us got together to clear the  parking area and trails of  the Weaverbarton Shuford Memorial Wildlife Sanctuary. I was part of the original group that broke the trails and helped get that land under easment, writing an article about the history of the Weaverbarton Dairy and the Shuford family for our local paper. That article actually was picked up by AP (wow!) But I digress, the point is I was fit and able to do this trail work with ease.

After the trail work and some conversation, PAC’s Land Protection Specialist and Naturalist Interpretor, Pam had a load of cherry wood and I filled the back of my Honda CRV with as much as my tires would carry. I brought it home for Herb to use in his meat smoker. We loaded up the little trailer to take it in back of the barn and stack it with the hickory wood.

After all that – I went into the garden and picked a peck of banana and purple bell peppers.

Peeled 3 heads garlic from the herb garden and gathered the thyme. Cleaned and prepped the peppers for roasting  to make a roasted pepper soup. And now I’m sitting at the computer, blogging about my day and I’ve got a huge cat-ate-the-canary grin on my face because I feel great. Three months ago, I’d have not been able to any one of these things without serious lower back pain, much less all of them in succession, on the same day!

The peppers are roasting with garlic and the broth is simmering with fennel. The house smells incredible and I am happy – what a great day!

2nd 60 – Day 3 – Singing in the Rain!



Weeeeeee –  Its been raining cats & dogs all day, but I finally said I’m going out to do my day2 week 2 C25K program!

(me? run? in the rain? srsly?)


This is not me, but only because Shelby can't use the camera!

I  googled running in the rain tips and learned to wear good thick socks to avoid chafing and to wear a good brimmed hat to keep the rain off my face. Other than that, the experts said, hey you’re gonna get wet, enjoy it! So I got my best thick hiking socks and my oiled FoxFire cowboy hat (the best hat for wet/foul weather, ever!) and out I went.

Just as Shelby & I got to Harmon Field, the sun came out! We took off and got the whole program done. What a sense of accomplishment!

This morning, Herb wanted to juice some more watermelons, so I made up a good batch of my juice so he could take the juicer with him (not juicing watermelons in MY kitchen – ha!) I juiced the carrots first to get that pulp to try out a carrot cracker recipe. After juicing the rest of my veggies: kale, beet (root & greens), celery, cuke, parsley, apple, lemon & ginger; I saved that pulp and made a veggie chili for lunch. That chili was sooo good to chow down on after getting back from my run!

2nd 60 – Day 2 – Now What?


Okay this sucks, 2 days of eating and I’ve put on 4 pounds! totally unfair, especially as I’ve kept up all my exercising.

I’ve not gone nuts eating cheeseburgers and lasagne. I did request my honey’s

The Ulitmate Homemade Veggie Pizza - Homemade whole wheat crust, homemade mushroom sauce, peppers, garlic, onion, basil and mushrooms from the garden with store bought black olives and mozzarella.

homemade whole wheat pizza crust veggie pizza. No pepperoni or sausage and I only had 2 slices. Before this program I’d have had at least three if not four.

I actually got an upset tummy and Herb says its because I should have started eating again slowly, like a hearty soup or stew rather than a bready pizza.  And he’s probably right (dammit!)

I’ve not had any meat, only veggie dishes like my Faux Potato Pancakes and a simple skillet fry.

Simple Skillet Fry - 2 small red potatoes, fresh oyster mushrooms, 2 baby red oinions and a yellow pepper all from the garden












Food is sitting on my stomach like a brick. My belly is pooching out again and I feel like I’m retaining water like the Hoover Dam!

I’m going to stick with salads and juices for a couple days  and see if things don’t calm down. I’ll have these heavier foods only once in a while.

DAY 60 – What a Ride!


The time has flown by. I can’t believe its been 60-days already. I’d really wanted to lose at least 30#s in my 60 days, but only made it to 29 (ONLY?-ha!)

The big news is between the juicing and the consistent exercise (that’s the key, friends) I’ve lost almost 28 inches. Check out my progress.

Check it out - I can see the floor!!!

I’m going to continue to exercise and juice regularly as I slowly reintroduce chewable foods. I mean to listen to my body and see how it reacts. I plan to nip any cravings in the bud with a day or two of juicing to get my blood sugars calmed down.

Breakfast today was steamed broccoli, scallions and peppers, tossed with garlic, S&P – simple quick and chewable!

Tonight, Herb & I’ll eat together for the first time since meeting friends Anne & Dick in Asheville weeks ago.  Veggie pizza with Herb’s homemade whole wheat crust. I’ll try to remember to take photos!

I am so grateful to the movie Fat Sick & Nearly Dead for getting me started on this incredible journey of self discovery and to the movie Forks Over Knives for giving me the inspiration to change my eating habits for good and especially for finding the movies for “free” on Netflix play on demand.

In addition, I’m grateful to Judi Finneran, the first online friend and supporter and source of inspiration I met when I began my juice-fest and all the folks on the Rebooter website and face book page that have accompanied me making me laugh, giving me good info and sharing themselves and tasty juice recipes!