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Father’s Day Weekend


We had a lovely weekend weather-wise. Friday night we went to a Summer Tracks concert. Originally, we were going to the movies to see Men In Black III but dinner went late so we went to the concert instead. While we only saw the headliner, The StereoFidelics they kicked butt and it was a most excellent show plus we caught up with a number of friends. But it was serendipitous because we ran into one couple we’d not seen for a few months. He’s an excellent musician and I told him of a song my guitarist & I are working on, Anna Nalick’s Breathe and we made plans to get together with the gang for a jam.

I’m so glad we saw him, so full of joy and enjoying the fine music at the concert, because I just learned today that he passed away on Sunday. How fickle is life, only 58, in good (supposedly) health and very much in love with life and his wife. No one yet knows the reason. If dinner hadn’t been late, we’d have gone to the movies and not the concert and I wouldn’t have seen him…

Saturday we went tubing and canoeing on the Green River and then finally went to see MIB III at the theater in town.

Father’s Day started out with my only-on-special-occasions Dutch Apple Pancake for breakfast. Then we went to a local indoor flea market where I found a really cool tablecloth & 6 napkins in dark blue with a gold foil Egyptian motif. I got the cloth for a covering for my work desk in the home office, so teh napkins were a very pleasant extra. Dinner was a chicken and vegetable stew over  potatoes mashed with sour cream & cream cheese with homemade artisan bread. I’d recorded the first Sherlock Homes movie with Robert Downey Jr. and we watched that with some homemade coffee ice cream.

All-in-all a perfect weekend, except for learning about my friend today.

I’m looking at some photos I took over the weekend and am sharing them here. I’m looking at the ice cream, bread and Dutch Apple Pancake and I’m looking at these lovely veggies and fruits coming on in our garden and I’m thinking it might be a good time to fore go the bread-y and sugar-y stuff and jump back on a juice-fest!

The soybeans are from organic seed. Studies with GMO soybeans are flat out scary! So, since I love edamame, I found a source, Wannamakers for organic seed and they are just one state over in South Carolina.

The beautiful shiny orange mushroom is from the Ganoderma family,and is also known as reishi a highly respected medicinal mushroom. Some say Reishi can cure cancer, HIV and a whole host of other dire illnesses. Most of these claims come from people selling reishi pills. In my opinion, these mushrooms, dried and taken in tea form somewhat consistently, will significantly benefit the immune system and support other aspects of the body to effectively keep itself in good health. Again, just my opinion.

Picked beets, kale and green beans to have in my juice tomorrow morning.

Do me a favor – Tell all your family and friends how much you love and appreciate them, right now. Life is fickle and all we have is right now. I’m going to get off the computer and pick up a harmonica, then I’m gonna get the dog and go hiking. I’m going to live in a way I’ll have no regrets.




Late night snacks


Turbo Jam day 19 of 28

First of all – I am so thrilled!! on total impulse I bought a pair of capri jeans in a size less than I am. when I got home I tried them on and …. *drum roll*… they fit!! not only did they fit, but I can sit down in them!! Yeaaaaa Turbo Jam!

Now I want to address a facet of snacking I need to work on – late night snacks. Late night snacking in itself is not bad – but it is another place for a good decision.

Not-so-good late night snack choices:                                 Better late night snack choices:

  • Bowls of homemade peach cobbler                               Handful of raw nuts
  • Bowl of sugary cereal                                                         Cup of cherry tomatoes
  • Banana split                                                                         Cup of grapes
  • Slice of pizza                                                                        Two stalks celery & hummus
  • Bag of chips/pretzels/chocolate chip cookies               Crisp apple

Are ya getting a sense of the good choices?

It is actually okay to eat a little at night, especially just before bed. I like to take a small bunch of grapes to bed with me and if I wake up in the night for any reason, I pop one or two in my mouth – it actually pumps up the metabolism to digest them!

The operative word in the above paragraph is “little.”

Before I made my mind up to make better choices more often, I would sometimes get heartburn if I ate too much and went to bed soon after. Especially if I ate dinner too late!

I don’t know if it is an old dieting myth or not, but I’d heard a veteran dieter once say to eat an apple just before bed time as it took more calories to digest than the apple provided.

I cannot say if that is true or not, but I do find I sleep better if I have just a little fruit or veggie in my tummy when I lay me down – and that’s what I’m going to do right now – Nighty-night!

Day 22 – On a Roll!


I’m very pleased with this regime – check out my progress thus far – I’m averaging about a 1/2 pound a day & working on making exercise a habit. I’m really seeing the difference in the way my clothes fit and just over all moving is better –  a bit more free & light.

Went with a friend to Red Hill Orchard to get another 1/2 bushel of peaches.  You can buy them by the small basket, 1/4 bushel or 1/2 bushel and if you pick them yourself its even cheaper. These cost $15 for the half bushel.

Fresh you-pick-em peaches from Red Hill Orchard

Herb put up about one and a half bushels earlier in the summer and he’s been eating peach pies and cobbler like crazy and has gone through most of them already – that man can sure make an awesome pie crust.

Anyway, these are a combination of Monroe and Autumn Prince. I ate at least 3 in the orchard (picking is hard work!) and one of the Monroe peaches, hot from the sun, tastes just like peach flavored honey – almost too sweet!

Then as if that weren’t enough fruit – my friend takes me to her house and makes me banana ice cream. Now before you gasp and point the cheater fingers at me, her banana ice cream is just frozen banana. You cut up a peeled banana and throw it in the freezer. When it is frozen, you take it out and put it in the food processor (not the blender) and let it rip – you end up with a sweet frozen dish that is the EXACT consistency of fresh creamy homemade ice cream! You can add a little chocolate syrup or whatever, but it is soooo good on its own. When she cuts them up, she puts one banana each into its own vacuum sealed packet – she says that’s a good portion- 1 banana per serving. Wait till Herb tries this!

The way I put peaches up for my use in smoothies and such is I cut then into eighths and set them skin side down on an extra large pie pan and pop them in the freezer for 3 hours, then I put them into freezer bags. That way they don’t freeze together in one unruly blob and I can easily pull out however many I need.