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Motivation to ReCLAIM My Life


I found this motivational photo on Pinterest from a post by Skinny Bitch and it really struck right to the heart of my renewed initiative to lose the weight I lost last year and have since put back on…

I’ve printed it out and taped it to my bathroom mirror. I intend to read this every day and to keep the focus on my choices throughout the day.

I’m also going back on my juice fest because I felt great getting all those nutrients and it kicked all the cravings. Those damn cravings! I’m back in the thrall of them – burgers, pizza, pasta dishes, ice cream… everything chocolate!

The veggie garden is in full swing, so there’s a lot of variety very conveniently located. I have absolutely NO excuses not to do this.

Another area I’ve been slacking off in is my exercise. Last year I dedicated myself to doing the Beachbody Power 90. Well into that, with juicing, my energy levels soared and I added the C25K program. My weight loss started slowing down, but the inches were melting off, so who cares about pounds!

I started a walking group called the Foothills Mile Markers that meets every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday morning for two reasons. One, to help keep me motivated and accountable and two, to share what I’ve learned about nutrition and fitness to help others. Oh yeah, I forgot the third reason: TO HAVE FUN!

So, Tony Horton, once again, its you and me, bay-bee. Gonna be pushing PLAY when I get back from my walk to do the Sweat Circuit and Ab Ripper. I’ll do the Sculpt Circuit Tuesday, Thursday & Saturdays.

Please, God, I want to lose this extra weight, and I know how to do that, feels like You & I have done it a hundred times. But more than that, please help me to finally make the deep personal transformation to keep it off and make it a non-issue for the rest of my life. I pledge to help others every step of the way.




Ultimate Reset – Day 21


Well, we made it through the Beachbody Ultimate Reset!


  • We learned some really tasty new recipes
  • Herb is sleeping better
  • My eyesight improved a bit, can read a lot more stuff without reading glasses!


  • Lots of food prep – this regime is not for the person used to quick fix-it type meals or people that eat out a lot. It wasn’t so bad for Herb & I because we are used to prepping fresh veggies.
  • Some recipe items were hard to find and pricey here in rural USA.
  • No noticeable change in inflammation (hip pains)
  • No increase in energy or general feeling of well being.

I thought cutting out dairy (I’m a cheese nut) would have a bigger impact. While I did drop 8.5 pounds I cannot attribute it to just the dairy because we eliminated sugar and meat too,  as well as cheese sauces, gravies, etc. I haven’t noticed any change that to my mind would justify the expense of this regime.

Mostly it was a 21-day diet to get you off diary, meat and sugar. Herb & I both enjoy vegetables, especially fresh our of our garden, and it is not unusual for us to have a big salad or veggie stir fry for dinner.

What was new for us is quinoa (pronounced Keen-wha) which we both liked a lot. There was also tempeh (a differently processed fermented soy product like tofu is a fermented soy product) that neither of us cared for. We’ve had lentil soups but hadn’t had lentils as a side dish and the lentil-lime salad was really good.

I’d have to say my most favorite recipe surprise was  zucchini cashew soup. I’m okay with zucchini, not a favorite, but I wouldn’t flick it off my plate and I don’t care for cashews. Yet put the two together and it was HEAVENLY!

We also ate a lot more fruit, fruit platters most every breakfast, that we enjoyed.

While I respect and value all the Beachbody products and programs that I have knowledge,  I won’t be recommending this one to my clients unless someone is living a really toxic lifestyle and is serious about wanting a change.

Beachbody Ultimate Reset Update on Week One


Ultimate Reset Week 2 Day 2

The Reset is going great. Herb & I eat very well for the most part so this hasn’t been a very big change. It’s a bit harder on Herb because it mostly eliminates meats, sauces, gravies and BUTTER (Julia Childs has nothing on him when it comes to cooking with butter!). He likes his foods wet/moist/juicy. I am a-okay with no meat, and I prefer my food drier, yet I do miss my cheese (bleu, white Vermont cheddar, Swiss… stop that, brain!)

The supplements prior to eating aren’t any big deal to manage, but the afternoon alkalinize is a constant struggle to remember because neither of us have a set routine to our day.

Week 1 Day 4 lunch – lentil lime salad, quinoa salad and homemade hummus with veggie dippers.

The foods are really tasty. I liken the eating plan to that of a ritzy spa resort’s fare. Most of it is quick & easy to prepare, some is a bit of a pain in the butt. You can definitely tell it was put together in California because some of the items are difficult to find in our rural hideaway. And Herb is no fan of tofu. I’ve used it in some dishes before this and he’s okay if it is mixed in with other things like in a stir fry, but a slab by itself… um, no.

We found Bragg Aminos and nori seaweed sheets for sushi at our local health food store. I was amazed to learn our little Bi-Lo grocery carried the pink Himalayan sea salt (I didn’t even think Himalaya had a sea!)  We still haven’t found miso paste, so we’ve had to substitute for the miso soup (I love miso soup, so we’re going to keep looking, maybe up in Asheville?)

nori seaweed sheet, basmati rice, carrot, tempeh, cucumber & fried shiitake mushroom

It was fun to try my hand at making sushi rolls – I didn’t do too badly, the little mat definitely helps! But it didn’t stay together when I cut it. My friend Susie D swears the secret is to use sticky rice. And our brown rice would have probably been sufficient, but we’d run out of brown rice and had used basmati instead.

One thing very delicious on the rolls was our first bloom (cracked heads) of Snowcap Shiitake mushrooms. I just dry-fried them to crisp them and oh they were so good. The texture was kind of like the canned French fried onions you put on green bean casseroles, but the taste was sort of nutty/woodsy.

Our mushrooms are blooming to beat the band right now, Italian, Golden & Pink oyster mushrooms and now the Snowcap shiitake, too. I added seven new photos to the end of the mushroom page

So, end of Week 1, I’m down 6 pounds and Herb is down 3. I’ve not experienced detox symptoms, per se, a little more lethargic but that’s about it. Herb, too,  has been feeling a little drained but yesterday he said he was full of energy.

Leaders Leading


Ultimate Reset – Day 3 of 21

So far so good, the eating plan is easier to follow for me  – Herb likes his food really wet/moist; lots of sauces, gravies and butter on everything. He’s convinced there is a lot of melted butter on the breakfast toast in the picture. On the other hand, he was amazed that he didn’t miss the huge glob of tartar sauce on the broiled salmon. We eat salmon & steel head trout often and he always makes up a big batch of mayo-based tartar sauce. Last night I made the brown rice & black beans in one 6-inch corn tortilla. Herb was dubious and thought, based on the picture, it was a snack. The tortilla with the homemade salsa & guacamole and lemon kale turned out to be a filling treat! He liked the colors and flavors and said he’d like that again for tonight. We’ll see. They say it is okay to substitute meals within the same week’s plan.

One of my problems is portion control. I sometimes joke, I eat well but I eat a lot! So I’m amazed that these lesser portions are filling me up.  Herb says a lot of that is the 12-oz water half hour before every meal. But hey – it’s all good!

Okay, update out of the way, today’s blog topic is politicians getting on the fitness bandwagon.

Mike Huckabee, former Governor of Arkansas. Diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 2003, he lost 110 pounds. Barely two years later, he completed four marathons!

Tony Horton’s P90x is but one of the fitness programs I represent as a  Beachbody coach. And I’m thrilled to see our leaders getting in shape.

It is really cool when they go beyond  a personal journey to make it a challenge for their contemporaries, staff or public, too! And two articles within the last week caught my eye. One in Kentucky involved the entire General assembly.

It started out as a discussion on how to get a handle on obesity when a 2010 report showed that Kentucky ranked third in childhood obesity and seventh in adult obesity. Also, Kentucky is one of eight states with an overall obesity rate of more than 30 percent. The two biggest losers? One Democrat and one Republican, naturally! You can read more about it here.

Another between two Washington State mayors has them carrying on the tradition of a friendly sports rivalry between the two towns.  Both plan to make use of convenient local walking and hiking trails. Here is the beginning of their story.

And an Honorable Mention goes to Senator Claire McGaskill of Missouri who lost 50 pounds in 6 months through sensible exercise and change of eating habits. Your can read her story here.

These stories have me so jazzed because when our leaders lead by example and understand themselves what works and what doesn’t and how hard it is to start, but how good success feels, then maybe we’ll see some sensible changes in our govenment at all levels. Especially when they become more aware of what is healthy to eat and the dangers of processed and GMO foods.

Beachbody – The Ultimate Reset


Day 1 of 21:  Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset.


You’ve probably seen Beachbody products on TV they buy hundreds of hours of infomercials each week. Think P09X, Insanity, TurboFire, Brazilian Butt Lift. In fact they have a whole arsenal of fitness programs for all levels of conditioning including a faith-based program called Body Gospel. The Beachbody company mission to End The Trend of obesity is a 3-pronged approach: Fitness, Nutrition and Support.

What many people do not realize is Beachbody puts forth phenomenal resources to provide superior nutrition products, too. Case in point, hundreds of doctors recommend (and use personally) Shakeology, The Healthiest Meal of the Day. It is a really delicious meal replacement shake that contains all the good nutrients of a full day’s worth of fruits & veggies, all natural, and there is even a vegan option. Beachbody offers a wide range of supplements to support most anyone’s fitness goals, from modest to extreme.

They have just last month released the Ultimate Reset. It is a 21-day program in 3 week-long phases designed to restore your body to its original factory setting, so to speak.

So Herb & are embarking on this journey together. One thing we know is going to be a challenge is while we both own our own businesses and enjoy very flexible schedules, we rarely eat together – I’m an early perky morning person – he’s not… he almost never eats lunch (late breakfast, eh?) and I like to eat supper around 6, he often eats around 9:30. On average I’d say during the week we might share 3-5 meals.

In general, Herb & I eat pretty well. I’m going for this reset mostly to decrease inflammation. for the past year or so, I’ve lost a lot of range of motion in my hips and they get really stiff if I’ve been sitting down (in front of the computer?) I’ve been learning a lot about how science is finding inflammation is at the root of many painful symptoms of chronic diseases such as arthritis, heart disease and cancer. Yikes! Not only that, inflammation accelerates the aging process and I sure don’t need help with that!

On this program, they recommend no strenuous exercise as the body is going through significant internal changes, so my advanced phase of Turbo Jam will await the end of our Reset. We can walk or do something mindful and mild like yoga or tai-chi. Good thing we got the big veggie garden tilled & planted over the last two weeks!

If any of you would like to learn more about Beachbody products or join Herb & I on the Ultimate Reset, friend me & message me on my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ReclaimMyLife


Cheaper to Eat Healthy


My latest sprouts, assorted mung, lentil, broccoli and alfalfa. And for my afternoon smoothie, a handful of fresh strawberries from the back yard.

Finished Turbo Jam beginner phase – I’ve lost 7 #s and 1 dress size. Even better is my over-all tone and shape. I’m going to stick with the 20-minute  and ab-jam workouts until Herb & I start the Ultimate Reset on Wednesday.

I’ve added some more photos to my garden pages for Spring 2012 if you’d like to check that out.

One question I get a lot, even more than the protein question, is how can you afford to eat so healthy? Well I tracked that when I was on my 60-day juice-fest and my grocery bill went down %43.  Now since juicing once a day and eating normally otherwise, in general, my grocery bill is still quite a bit less than before while others experience their grocery bill growing & growing.  I found this info to back up my experience

Is it Really More Expensive to Eat Healthy?

By Linda Gotthelf

fresh produce


How often have you heard people say they choose fast food because it is less expensive than healthier foods, such as fruits and vegetables? While it sounds as if that could be the case, how much data is there to support that claim? The answer – not much!

A 2011 study by the USDA Economic Research Service estimated the costs of 153 commonly eaten fruits and vegetables, including fresh, canned, and frozen. They found that average prices ranged from less than 20 cents a cup to over $2 per cup, depending on the fruit or vegetable. On average, they estimated the cost at about 50 cents per cup.

The Produce Marketing Association found very similar results in 2010 assessing the cost per serving of produce from 13,000 stores. Their data indicated that, nationally, the average retail price was just under 50 cents per cup.

An analysis in a recent New York Times article found the cost of a typical order for a family of four at one popular fast food restaurant was about $28. The order included burgers, fried chicken, French fries (not a vegetable!) and soda. Reading that had me wondering what I could buy for $28, so I decided to take on the challenge. At my local supermarket, I paid $2.59 for grapes (on sale), $2.99 for honeydew (on sale), $1.99 for fresh asparagus (on sale), $2.50 for Brussels sprouts (on sale) and $3.47 for sweet potatoes. That left nearly $15 for either fish or chicken. My meal was far healthier, more filling, had more fiber, less saturated fat and included fruit for dessert (with some left over)!

It is possible to eat healthy foods without adding on extra costs. If you are trying to cut costs, there are some practical ways to keep food costs down, including:

  • Buy produce in season as it is usually less expensive or buy items on sale, as I did.
  • Some items are consistently less expensive – such as beans or whole grains. In the USDA study, for example, pinto beans were only 13 cents per cup, and packed with nutrition and fiber.
  • Check out canned or frozen foods – they may be cheaper depending on the item.
  • Try some meatless meals – meat is more expensive than fruits and vegetables and grains.

One last thought – being unhealthy can be expensive (more medical bills, more medications, etc.). Look at healthy eating with plenty of fruits and vegetables as a good long-term strategy for saving money. That might be a provocative thought but it makes sense to me. What about you?

Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes


Turbo Jam – day 22 of 28 – people are starting to notice!

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results… Albert Einstein.

 (Listening to Don Ross’ Afraid to Dance as I write this and it seems appropriate to the theme. I found this version on youtube and he explains what this song is about, if ya want to skip to the music, it starts about 3:20. I’m breaking out of my comfort zone to make real changes. Nothing changes if nothing changes, eh?)

I’m getting better, but I’m still yo-yo-ing a bit. So I’ve decided that if I want to make a real change and get serious about sticking to a healthy lifestyle and exercising regularly, then I’m going to make it my livelihood.  I’m far enough on my journey that I can confidently share what I’ve learned thus far with others. By helping others, I can help myself and I like that, a lot.

Thus I’ve signed up to be a Beachbody coach. I’ve been using Beachbody products for about 5 years now and I know they are effective.  What I like most is the company builds a cohesive offering of fitness plus nutrition plus support.

There are fitness programs for every taste and fitness level from total couch potato to workouts that would challenge a Navy Seal or Green Beret. This means that as we progress, there is another challenge to take us to the next level.

There are supplements and the tasty, popular Shakeology meal replacement shakes. They’ve just released a new 21-day total health program called the Ultimate Reset that works gently to sort of reset your body to the original factory settings, balancing the body’s oxygenation, alkalinity and performing a detox that is not colon-centric and won’t have you running to the bathroom all day. I’m going on this Reset myself soon, so I’ll be sharing my experience with that here.

And the support is beyond anything I’ve ever gotten in any corporation I’ve worked for. Whether you sign up as a free player or elect to join the Team Beachbody Club, there is amazing information, tools and interaction with people just where you are on your journey and who can answer any questions you may have.

The corporate philosophy can be summed up as “end the trend of obesity” with superior products and trainers. They’ve just removed two ingredients from the Shakeology formula because one can cause false positive results in professional athletes’ testing and the other is being removed because there is an environmental issue with sustainability. It is just that awareness and commitment to integrity that lets me know I am in the right company.

I’ve started a Facebook page if you’d like learn more about how I can help you can reach your goals. I’m not a salesperson, so I’ll never ask anyone to buy anything; my coaching is free and I’m happy to share what I’ve learned and what I am learning with everyone.