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Motivation to ReCLAIM My Life


I found this motivational photo on Pinterest from a post by Skinny Bitch and it really struck right to the heart of my renewed initiative to lose the weight I lost last year and have since put back on…

I’ve printed it out and taped it to my bathroom mirror. I intend to read this every day and to keep the focus on my choices throughout the day.

I’m also going back on my juice fest because I felt great getting all those nutrients and it kicked all the cravings. Those damn cravings! I’m back in the thrall of them – burgers, pizza, pasta dishes, ice cream… everything chocolate!

The veggie garden is in full swing, so there’s a lot of variety very conveniently located. I have absolutely NO excuses not to do this.

Another area I’ve been slacking off in is my exercise. Last year I dedicated myself to doing the Beachbody Power 90. Well into that, with juicing, my energy levels soared and I added the C25K program. My weight loss started slowing down, but the inches were melting off, so who cares about pounds!

I started a walking group called the Foothills Mile Markers that meets every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday morning for two reasons. One, to help keep me motivated and accountable and two, to share what I’ve learned about nutrition and fitness to help others. Oh yeah, I forgot the third reason: TO HAVE FUN!

So, Tony Horton, once again, its you and me, bay-bee. Gonna be pushing PLAY when I get back from my walk to do the Sweat Circuit and Ab Ripper. I’ll do the Sculpt Circuit Tuesday, Thursday & Saturdays.

Please, God, I want to lose this extra weight, and I know how to do that, feels like You & I have done it a hundred times. But more than that, please help me to finally make the deep personal transformation to keep it off and make it a non-issue for the rest of my life. I pledge to help others every step of the way.




Father’s Day Weekend


We had a lovely weekend weather-wise. Friday night we went to a Summer Tracks concert. Originally, we were going to the movies to see Men In Black III but dinner went late so we went to the concert instead. While we only saw the headliner, The StereoFidelics they kicked butt and it was a most excellent show plus we caught up with a number of friends. But it was serendipitous because we ran into one couple we’d not seen for a few months. He’s an excellent musician and I told him of a song my guitarist & I are working on, Anna Nalick’s Breathe and we made plans to get together with the gang for a jam.

I’m so glad we saw him, so full of joy and enjoying the fine music at the concert, because I just learned today that he passed away on Sunday. How fickle is life, only 58, in good (supposedly) health and very much in love with life and his wife. No one yet knows the reason. If dinner hadn’t been late, we’d have gone to the movies and not the concert and I wouldn’t have seen him…

Saturday we went tubing and canoeing on the Green River and then finally went to see MIB III at the theater in town.

Father’s Day started out with my only-on-special-occasions Dutch Apple Pancake for breakfast. Then we went to a local indoor flea market where I found a really cool tablecloth & 6 napkins in dark blue with a gold foil Egyptian motif. I got the cloth for a covering for my work desk in the home office, so teh napkins were a very pleasant extra. Dinner was a chicken and vegetable stew over  potatoes mashed with sour cream & cream cheese with homemade artisan bread. I’d recorded the first Sherlock Homes movie with Robert Downey Jr. and we watched that with some homemade coffee ice cream.

All-in-all a perfect weekend, except for learning about my friend today.

I’m looking at some photos I took over the weekend and am sharing them here. I’m looking at the ice cream, bread and Dutch Apple Pancake and I’m looking at these lovely veggies and fruits coming on in our garden and I’m thinking it might be a good time to fore go the bread-y and sugar-y stuff and jump back on a juice-fest!

The soybeans are from organic seed. Studies with GMO soybeans are flat out scary! So, since I love edamame, I found a source, Wannamakers for organic seed and they are just one state over in South Carolina.

The beautiful shiny orange mushroom is from the Ganoderma family,and is also known as reishi a highly respected medicinal mushroom. Some say Reishi can cure cancer, HIV and a whole host of other dire illnesses. Most of these claims come from people selling reishi pills. In my opinion, these mushrooms, dried and taken in tea form somewhat consistently, will significantly benefit the immune system and support other aspects of the body to effectively keep itself in good health. Again, just my opinion.

Picked beets, kale and green beans to have in my juice tomorrow morning.

Do me a favor – Tell all your family and friends how much you love and appreciate them, right now. Life is fickle and all we have is right now. I’m going to get off the computer and pick up a harmonica, then I’m gonna get the dog and go hiking. I’m going to live in a way I’ll have no regrets.



Cheaper to Eat Healthy


My latest sprouts, assorted mung, lentil, broccoli and alfalfa. And for my afternoon smoothie, a handful of fresh strawberries from the back yard.

Finished Turbo Jam beginner phase – I’ve lost 7 #s and 1 dress size. Even better is my over-all tone and shape. I’m going to stick with the 20-minute  and ab-jam workouts until Herb & I start the Ultimate Reset on Wednesday.

I’ve added some more photos to my garden pages for Spring 2012 if you’d like to check that out.

One question I get a lot, even more than the protein question, is how can you afford to eat so healthy? Well I tracked that when I was on my 60-day juice-fest and my grocery bill went down %43.  Now since juicing once a day and eating normally otherwise, in general, my grocery bill is still quite a bit less than before while others experience their grocery bill growing & growing.  I found this info to back up my experience

Is it Really More Expensive to Eat Healthy?

By Linda Gotthelf

fresh produce


How often have you heard people say they choose fast food because it is less expensive than healthier foods, such as fruits and vegetables? While it sounds as if that could be the case, how much data is there to support that claim? The answer – not much!

A 2011 study by the USDA Economic Research Service estimated the costs of 153 commonly eaten fruits and vegetables, including fresh, canned, and frozen. They found that average prices ranged from less than 20 cents a cup to over $2 per cup, depending on the fruit or vegetable. On average, they estimated the cost at about 50 cents per cup.

The Produce Marketing Association found very similar results in 2010 assessing the cost per serving of produce from 13,000 stores. Their data indicated that, nationally, the average retail price was just under 50 cents per cup.

An analysis in a recent New York Times article found the cost of a typical order for a family of four at one popular fast food restaurant was about $28. The order included burgers, fried chicken, French fries (not a vegetable!) and soda. Reading that had me wondering what I could buy for $28, so I decided to take on the challenge. At my local supermarket, I paid $2.59 for grapes (on sale), $2.99 for honeydew (on sale), $1.99 for fresh asparagus (on sale), $2.50 for Brussels sprouts (on sale) and $3.47 for sweet potatoes. That left nearly $15 for either fish or chicken. My meal was far healthier, more filling, had more fiber, less saturated fat and included fruit for dessert (with some left over)!

It is possible to eat healthy foods without adding on extra costs. If you are trying to cut costs, there are some practical ways to keep food costs down, including:

  • Buy produce in season as it is usually less expensive or buy items on sale, as I did.
  • Some items are consistently less expensive – such as beans or whole grains. In the USDA study, for example, pinto beans were only 13 cents per cup, and packed with nutrition and fiber.
  • Check out canned or frozen foods – they may be cheaper depending on the item.
  • Try some meatless meals – meat is more expensive than fruits and vegetables and grains.

One last thought – being unhealthy can be expensive (more medical bills, more medications, etc.). Look at healthy eating with plenty of fruits and vegetables as a good long-term strategy for saving money. That might be a provocative thought but it makes sense to me. What about you?

Obesity and your Brain


This just in from the Society for Neuroscience. For many years, throughout my yo-yoing (one friend calls herself Queen of the Weight Lost & Found Dept.) I joked that I was a food-a-holic. Now science is indicating I may not have been wrong!

Yet, I believe that just as any addict can beat their addiction with proper realizations and treatment, anyone can beat their bad food cravings and habits. My 60-day juice fest was my “rehab” and when I was done I had zero desire for refined carbs & sugars.

Check out what the science is saying:



Health Implications
Stemming an obesity epidemic

fear chart
Fat cells produce a hormone called leptin, which travels through the body’s blood stream and acts on a brain region called the hypothalamus. Leptin helps to regulate appetite and metabolism. A lack of leptin, or its receptor in the brain, can lead to uncontrolled food intake and obesity. Credit: ©1997 Society for Neuroscience, Illustration by Lydia Kibiuk

Thanks to decades of systematic research, scientists now better understand how the brain tightly regulates body weight. Why, then, do obesity rates continue to climb? New research is investigating how complex environments — including the increased availability of highly palatable but nutritionally poor foods in developed countries — affect brain chemistry. The findings indicate the importance of healthy choices in maintaining weight and suggest new avenues of treatment.

Food as an Addiction

Neuroscientists have recently learned that fatty food taps the pleasure centers of the brain, the same areas that are associated with heroin and cocaine habits. For addicted individuals, eating becomes compulsive, regardless of negative health or societal consequences.

Research shows that after extended periods of excessive eating, brain connections are permanently altered on a molecular level. In rats fed a high-fat, high-calorie diet, the brain pleasure centers become less responsive over time, just as they do following drug use. Moreover, when the rats were offered healthy food after weeks of junk food, they were less likely to eat it than rats fed healthy food only. These findings suggest the difficulty in changing established eating habits and highlight the importance of obesity prevention.


Spring Gardening – It all Starts with the SOIL


Turbo Jam – Day 13 of 28 – Beginner Level

Love this time of year! Getting out in the fresh air and sunshine. The big plus: gardening is excellent exercise!

The last of the winter crops going to seed (we harvest a lot of kale & broccoli seed to not only plant but for sprouts, too!)

Herb noticed that the kale going to seed was also putting out some new leaves at the bottom of the terminal bud stem, so he’s going to experiment and see if we can continue to get get kale without having to rip them all out and replant from seed (that takes sooo long!) Herb is going to cut back the terminal bud stem to the new growth coming on. I’ll keep you posted on how that goes.

But THE most important thing looking at the garden whether it is for veggies, annuals, bulbs, shrubs or whatever is the SOIL.  Now, Herb is known as Dr. Dirt around here and he takes his soil very seriously. His overriding philosophy is, “Spend $10 on the dirt, $1 on the plant.”

Even though he takes special pains ongoing to keep the tilth and nutrient value of our 100’x100′ veggie garden soil at a premium, he still gets soil analyzed each year. We get sample boxes for free from our county extension office. The analysis is free, too, we only pay mailing cost. Yeah, I know, paying to mail dirt, but oh it pays for itself many times over to learn exactly what you need to amend your soil to grow what you want specifically. Here’s some more info about soil testing if you’re interested. Here’s a sample form showing all the different crop codes.

We keep to organic principles and yes, it is work, but it is a labor of love. It is a big savings on the grocery bill, too. Healthy, nutrient-dense vegetables and fruits form the cornerstone of our healthy eating plan and working from home gives me the luxury to pursue this hobby.


Weight Loss – Sounds Sad…


It always seems such a battle, often a losing battle and not the losing we intend. Many of us are holding onto weight for emotional reasons. Until we come to peace with ourselves, until we learn to love ourselves we will continue the vicious cycle of lose & gain, and gain & gain and lose & gain again & again.

Eating disorders are some of the most insidious and hard to break. I think is has to start with love.

If I really loved me, I would not put junk food in me, not to the point where it is hurting my health and keeping me from leading a full and satisfying life. I would not avoid joyful movement to the point it is difficult to walk or even breathe.

No more fighting. I surrender, but not to giving into bad food choices that reflect my own insecurities. I surrender to love. I am going to treat myself as a lover and give myself fresh colorful juicy foods and I will dance every chance I get and I don’t care who is watching.

March – Adding a fun new fitness regime


Happy Colors!

Good morning, Red Juice!

This made just under 32 oz of  juice

  • 1/4 head red cabbage
  • 1/2 cucumber
  • bunch parsley
  • 2 orange peppers
  • 2 stalks celery
  • 2 carrots
  • 1 pear
  • 1 apple
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 small piece ginger

About 3 years ago I was taking NIA classes in Flat Rock and had to discontinue. I loved NIA (Non-Impact Aerobics) because it is a full body hour-long workout, encorporating all your muscle groups and joints. After the hour you are both exhilarated and exhausted and yet there is no next-day stiffness or soreness as you expect with other bust your butt workouts. NIA is gentle, thorough and effective.

Dancin' With Denise

So I was thrilled to learn my teacher, Denise, a NIA black belt certified instructor, had produced her own dvd using NIA technique! I scurried up the mountain and bought one !

I put it in my player and the audio was messed up – a constant high pitched whine & Denise’s voice was garbled. Tried to play it on my computer and Media Player balked. A few days later, I tried it on a friend’s player and the dvd played just fine. Tried it in my machine again yesterday and ta-da! it works perfectly. Go figure, eh?

This is a hour long jazzy routine uses the soundtrack from Smokey Joe’s Cafe. Denise’s workout will be a nice addition to my joyful movement repitoire as I love the Power 90 regime, but after a while anything gets a little boring.

What I really love about NIA is you are taught to listen to your body. You can make the movements as deep or expansive as your body tells you it is comfortable with. Maybe today you bend to the ground, maybe just to your knees – its all up to how your body feels like moving right now. No competition with others, only yourself and only in this moment. How kind is that? And it is very effective in making your body happy, flexible and healthy when you continue the practice.

By the end of the hour I was ready to stretch and relax! If you’ve not heard of NIA, I suggest you check it out – I think you’ll love it, too!