US Ranks 25th in latest Save the Children study


US ranks 25th among the 43 developed countries in Save the Children’s latest study of the Best & Worst Places for Moms. Based largely on mother mortality, infant mortality, women’s education and women’s political status, this is a really sad commentary.

Besides the US ranking 41st in infant mortality, the study noted, “Women in the U.S. have relatively low political status, and children here aren’t enrolled in preschool as often as in other countries.  The U.S. is one of the few countries in the world that doesn’t guarantee working mothers paid leave, the group said.”

So happy for this Mom! this is something we can all do – one day, one choice at a time!

Complications stemming from obesity and high blood pressure were noted as factors in high mothers’ mortality rates. And other studies are linking obesity in mothers to increased risks of both autism and asthma!

And our skewed insurance coverage isn’t helping either when insurance companies can deny coverage for a “pre-existing” condition, for example this breast feeding four-month old weighs in at 17 pounds and his pre existing condition? Obesity.

The government is not going to make this situation right – it is up to you and me, the choices we make everyday, to end the trend of obesity in our country.


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