Beachbody – The Ultimate Reset


Day 1 of 21:  Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset.


You’ve probably seen Beachbody products on TV they buy hundreds of hours of infomercials each week. Think P09X, Insanity, TurboFire, Brazilian Butt Lift. In fact they have a whole arsenal of fitness programs for all levels of conditioning including a faith-based program called Body Gospel. The Beachbody company mission to End The Trend of obesity is a 3-pronged approach: Fitness, Nutrition and Support.

What many people do not realize is Beachbody puts forth phenomenal resources to provide superior nutrition products, too. Case in point, hundreds of doctors recommend (and use personally) Shakeology, The Healthiest Meal of the Day. It is a really delicious meal replacement shake that contains all the good nutrients of a full day’s worth of fruits & veggies, all natural, and there is even a vegan option. Beachbody offers a wide range of supplements to support most anyone’s fitness goals, from modest to extreme.

They have just last month released the Ultimate Reset. It is a 21-day program in 3 week-long phases designed to restore your body to its original factory setting, so to speak.

So Herb & are embarking on this journey together. One thing we know is going to be a challenge is while we both own our own businesses and enjoy very flexible schedules, we rarely eat together – I’m an early perky morning person – he’s not… he almost never eats lunch (late breakfast, eh?) and I like to eat supper around 6, he often eats around 9:30. On average I’d say during the week we might share 3-5 meals.

In general, Herb & I eat pretty well. I’m going for this reset mostly to decrease inflammation. for the past year or so, I’ve lost a lot of range of motion in my hips and they get really stiff if I’ve been sitting down (in front of the computer?) I’ve been learning a lot about how science is finding inflammation is at the root of many painful symptoms of chronic diseases such as arthritis, heart disease and cancer. Yikes! Not only that, inflammation accelerates the aging process and I sure don’t need help with that!

On this program, they recommend no strenuous exercise as the body is going through significant internal changes, so my advanced phase of Turbo Jam will await the end of our Reset. We can walk or do something mindful and mild like yoga or tai-chi. Good thing we got the big veggie garden tilled & planted over the last two weeks!

If any of you would like to learn more about Beachbody products or join Herb & I on the Ultimate Reset, friend me & message me on my facebook page



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