Bored? Time to Change it Up!


Today I start the advanced level of Turbo Jam so this is another Day 1 of 28. And because I’m a rebel, instead of doing the entry level Learn & Burn, I did the Turbo Sculpt.


And that’s one of the things I love about Turbo Jam, Chalene is constantly changing it up. Your body cannot plateau out because it is constantly being asked to do something different than yesterday. If you’re experiencing a plateau or boredom then try changing it up.

1. If you usually exercise inside, exercise outside. If you usually exercise outside, come inside. Moving your body in a different environment heightens the senses – you are aware of new feelings under your feet; the difference in light, temperature and air movement all collude to engage the complete self.

2. If you usually use dumbbells, try resistance bands, barbells or try a different grip.

3. If you normally execute a movement very slowly, try doing it explosively.

4. Take a class in a completely different discipline. For example if you normally run for cardio, try a high energy cardio class like Zumba or spinning. Instead of weight training, try a yoga or tai-chi class.

5. If you usually eat after your workout, eat before. See how your body feels.

The more you change it up, the more you will get out of your efforts. Keep it fun, keep it interesting and you will keep it up!


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