Is Butter Bad or Are We?


Turbo Jam – day26 of 28 – finally got up the courage to do the Turbo Sculpt and ooo I’m sore!


Ya know, just 2-3 generations ago, we got butter a little differently than we do today.

First, you had to breed, birth, feed and care for the cow, muck out the stalls, milk the cow, separate the cream and churn that butter for a few hours.

After you clean out the churn and set the butter to cool, its time to weed the vegetable garden, water by hand (no spigot – ya pumped it by hand and carried the bucket to the garden – back & forth) pick and clean the vegetables. Don’t ya just love to sit and shuck peas? It is down right meditative. Only way I can get Herb to grow crowder or other peas is to promise to shuck them all myself!

And because you had to cook everything from scratch go get out the flour and lard to make the bread, knead it, let it rise and knead it again, bake it. We haven’t even gotten to the part where you had to go out to the hen house, pick out a lazy layer and do everything needed to get that bird on the table…

You could afford to put as much butter on your food as you wanted – but when you had to go through all that to get it one meal on the table, you appreciated everything that was there and used it accordingly.

I remember my Grandma’s farm kitchen. Oh the smells! Fresh bread or something always baking, something on the stove simmering. In the morning she would call my Grandpa in for breakfast from the fields or orchard or wherever he’d been working since before the sun came up. He had the same thing most every day, 2 slices homemade wheat bread slathered very thickly with cooled bacon grease and salted heavily with one soft boiled egg and coffee – then back to work until Grandma called him in to lunch! They were green and organic and didn’t even know it!

Trouble is too many of us in America have those old habits of big farm eating without the big farm chores. Homemade pies, jams & jellies, pancakes, butter, cheese and for the carnivores big slabs of meat, potatoes and gravy – gravy or butter on everything! The majority of  Americans never used to have to exercise because it was just part of life. On the farm or in the city.

Now we’ve got so many gadgets to make our lives “easier” that to stay healthy we need to formalize exercise.  As I’m remembering Grandma’s kitchen I picture her doing laundry in her old wringer-washer before my Dad bought her an electric washer.

Just think how lost we all would be if our electricity was gone, every where, for even a month. Not being able to charge our cell phones would NOT be the worst of it!

My Grandparents held hands and kissed each other frequently their whole lives. They both lived a full life, Grandma to 89, and at 93 Grandpa was still bowling and playing piano for the Veteran’s Hospital palliative care. It was a different life back then. I asked Grandma once what was the secret to their relationship and she told me, “Some days its 80-20, some days its 20-80, but the bottom line is ya have to be crazy about each other.” Oh, my I miss them both!


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