Tips for Drinking Water


Turbo Jam day 20 of 28 (almost done being a beginner!)

People thinking about or doing juice-fests ask if they should drink water, too (YES!) Now this may sound silly but even just in general people do ask me how I drink enough water everyday. Seriously? In a glass!

Well, it seems this is a really complex topic for a lot of people because if you Google tips drink water there are 66,600,00 responses. And I’m going to add another!

Tip #1: I have a 57-oz glass pitcher and each night I fill it up so the next day it is really icy cold.

Tip#2: Just to jazz things up and to get extra nutrients, I often put things in the water when I make it up the night before like cucumber, mint, ginger or lemon or other citrus. See my recipes here.

Tip#3: My first glass of the day I often put in a couple drops of hot sauce to get the blood going!

Tip #4: Drink a 12-oz glass of water first thing when you wake up (with or without the hot sauce!)

Tip #5: If your watch has an hourly chime, set it and each time it goes off drink another 8-oz glass of water from your pitcher. If your watch doesn’t have that feature, set a timer of any sort – they even have them online.

By the afternoon, early evening, you’ll have had a full 57-oz water. Now you may also have herbal teas and smoothies but I don’t count them against my 57-oz minimum per day.

Drinking water is so important and so natural, I don’t now why people need tips to drink enough water but obviously, according to the Google search, we do. So this is what I do, I hope it works for you – keep flushin!


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  1. Reblogged this on Silvia M. Calzada and commented:
    Water is the fountain of youth believe it or not or at least the delay of age. Drinking water has always been a must since I was young and had beautiful skin since then. Cold water or with ice is just the best for me. What’s your favorite way to drink water?

    • Hi, Silvia,
      Icy cold with lime is my gold standard. In the summer when my mint is growing good, I like to make Sassy Water (recipe on my blog). I’m no internist, but I agree with you getting enough water helps the skin and maybe its just my thoughts, but I think of it lubricating my joints and keeping me juicy! Ha! Thanks for reading my blog and honored you reposted.

  2. Like your tips. I read recently that a lot of the time that we feel hungry we are actually just dehydrated. We should be drinking 1/2 our body weight in ounces a day, that’s a lot and often hard to do. I love your tips!

    • Thanks! – I use free weights with both of my in home exercise routines – I also use bands and have some 1# gloves, too. Weight/strength training is such an important component of a health regime and has so many benefits on so many levels. I work from home, too – isn’t it great!

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