Late night snacks


Turbo Jam day 19 of 28

First of all – I am so thrilled!! on total impulse I bought a pair of capri jeans in a size less than I am. when I got home I tried them on and …. *drum roll*… they fit!! not only did they fit, but I can sit down in them!! Yeaaaaa Turbo Jam!

Now I want to address a facet of snacking I need to work on – late night snacks. Late night snacking in itself is not bad – but it is another place for a good decision.

Not-so-good late night snack choices:                                 Better late night snack choices:

  • Bowls of homemade peach cobbler                               Handful of raw nuts
  • Bowl of sugary cereal                                                         Cup of cherry tomatoes
  • Banana split                                                                         Cup of grapes
  • Slice of pizza                                                                        Two stalks celery & hummus
  • Bag of chips/pretzels/chocolate chip cookies               Crisp apple

Are ya getting a sense of the good choices?

It is actually okay to eat a little at night, especially just before bed. I like to take a small bunch of grapes to bed with me and if I wake up in the night for any reason, I pop one or two in my mouth – it actually pumps up the metabolism to digest them!

The operative word in the above paragraph is “little.”

Before I made my mind up to make better choices more often, I would sometimes get heartburn if I ate too much and went to bed soon after. Especially if I ate dinner too late!

I don’t know if it is an old dieting myth or not, but I’d heard a veteran dieter once say to eat an apple just before bed time as it took more calories to digest than the apple provided.

I cannot say if that is true or not, but I do find I sleep better if I have just a little fruit or veggie in my tummy when I lay me down – and that’s what I’m going to do right now – Nighty-night!


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