Spring Gardening – It all Starts with the SOIL


Turbo Jam – Day 13 of 28 – Beginner Level

Love this time of year! Getting out in the fresh air and sunshine. The big plus: gardening is excellent exercise!

The last of the winter crops going to seed (we harvest a lot of kale & broccoli seed to not only plant but for sprouts, too!)

Herb noticed that the kale going to seed was also putting out some new leaves at the bottom of the terminal bud stem, so he’s going to experiment and see if we can continue to get get kale without having to rip them all out and replant from seed (that takes sooo long!) Herb is going to cut back the terminal bud stem to the new growth coming on. I’ll keep you posted on how that goes.

But THE most important thing looking at the garden whether it is for veggies, annuals, bulbs, shrubs or whatever is the SOIL.  Now, Herb is known as Dr. Dirt around here and he takes his soil very seriously. His overriding philosophy is, “Spend $10 on the dirt, $1 on the plant.”

Even though he takes special pains ongoing to keep the tilth and nutrient value of our 100’x100′ veggie garden soil at a premium, he still gets soil analyzed each year. We get sample boxes for free from our county extension office. The analysis is free, too, we only pay mailing cost. Yeah, I know, paying to mail dirt, but oh it pays for itself many times over to learn exactly what you need to amend your soil to grow what you want specifically. Here’s some more info about soil testing if you’re interested. Here’s a sample form showing all the different crop codes.

We keep to organic principles and yes, it is work, but it is a labor of love. It is a big savings on the grocery bill, too. Healthy, nutrient-dense vegetables and fruits form the cornerstone of our healthy eating plan and working from home gives me the luxury to pursue this hobby.



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