Weight Loss – Sounds Sad…


It always seems such a battle, often a losing battle and not the losing we intend. Many of us are holding onto weight for emotional reasons. Until we come to peace with ourselves, until we learn to love ourselves we will continue the vicious cycle of lose & gain, and gain & gain and lose & gain again & again.

Eating disorders are some of the most insidious and hard to break. I think is has to start with love.

If I really loved me, I would not put junk food in me, not to the point where it is hurting my health and keeping me from leading a full and satisfying life. I would not avoid joyful movement to the point it is difficult to walk or even breathe.

No more fighting. I surrender, but not to giving into bad food choices that reflect my own insecurities. I surrender to love. I am going to treat myself as a lover and give myself fresh colorful juicy foods and I will dance every chance I get and I don’t care who is watching.


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