Exercise – Gotta do it, choose to want to do it!


TurboJam day 7 of 28

My body needs exercise. Not just to lose weight – that’s a happy side effect. Study after study has shown exercise improves your mood, your energy and your sex life. Do I really need any more reasons than that?

Going through my CLAIM mantra as I exercise keeps my head in the game and is a sort of affirmation to change my mindset to want to exercise.

Yesterday kicked my butt. We took out 2 huge white pines, hauling all that brush out into the deep woods. It’ll make a wonderful condominium complex for lost of little bunnies and other critters. Also laid the groundwork for a large sort of crescent-shaped perennial and bulb bed. I mowed and spot planted a bucket full of liriope on the side yard in another very steep shaded area. So last night I felt like I’d been rode hard & put up wet (translation for you city folk, I was quite tired…)

Even though this morning I felt like I was beat with a bag of nickels. I got up and hit it with my 20 Minute workout from TurboJam.

It would have been so easy to just stay in bed an extra hour and in the not very distant past I would have – justifying it by saying how hard I’d worked yesterday.

But yesterday is not today.



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