GMO = Sickness?


TurboJam Day 4 of 28

I recently reconnected with a friend of mine from my childhood. She was telling me that another friend of ours and her husband had both endured serious cancer. My friend, herself, was battling lupus, breast & ovary cancer. She feels food is making us sick.

 I, too, believe all the genetically modified foods and chemically laden beef, poultry & pork from the US food industry is what is making so many sick. Man thrived on wheat for hundreds of thousands of years. Since Monsanto’s been genetically altering wheat, soy & corn the rate of people in the US suffering from celiac disease and other problems digesting wheat has doubled every year since 1974 (!)

Birth rates are down while birth defects and autism are up.

Robin O’Brien does an excellent job relating the rise of childhood food allergies to GMO and altered dairy and meat products in this video:

All of Europe and many other countries have banned  or severely limited GMO and products made from GMO because they say studies haven’t shown they are safe.

The US says studies haven’t shown they are harmful (sounds like what we heard for decades about cigarettes, eh?)

Not to mention how the food industry is addicting people to sugar having the same effect on the brain as heroin. No wonder obesity is so prevalent. And with it comes diabetes, heart disease – it just breaks my heart that our leaders care so little for humanity, care so much for the quick but dirty dollar.

Don’t they know they could be so much happier if they all helped everyone to reach their potential? We all were meant to help each other – the healthier & happier I am the happier & healthier I want everyone else to be.


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  1. Nadine, I love, love, love this blog! There is so much great information! Thank you for all your hard work to put together such a wonderful resource!

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