TurboJam!! Day 2 of 28 – Beginner level


Day 2, Learn & Burn lesson,  for the last time. I think I have the elite 11 moves down, but its going to take practice for me to not feel so awkward and to move smoothly through the steps and changes. I love the TurboJam music and am looking forward to busting my butt tomorrow with the 20-minute Workout.

Herb’s birthday was yesterday and so I got to cook for him (now that doesn’t happen often, he’s such an excellent cook!) He really loves my chicken enchiladas – so I made those with my version of dirty rice. Ah but dessert – this was a total decadent experience. I made an oreo cookie cheesecake with a chocolate ganache.

Great way to kickstart my getting back into shape, eh?

But I did great, I only had one enchilada with just a teaspoon of light sour cream and a small portion of the dirty rice. Went for a nice walk on our trail (one way around is 1/2 mile) before having dessert and then I had just a small slice.

I made these with Las Palmas red enchilada sauce and I have to say it was not my favorite. I got it on sale, 2-for-1, and I so got a can of green enchilada sauce, too. We don’t have enchiladas very often, so it’ll be a while before I report back & let you know if I like that better than the red.

I’m over feeling guilty about eating. I control what goes into my mouth.

Even so, I know I have to stay away from simple carbs – they set off my cravings big time. Juicing veggies seems to kick the cravings to the curb so after about 2-3 days of juicing my balance is back on track.


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