TurboJam!!! Beginner Level – Day 1 of 28


Received TurboJam from Beachbody in the mail yesterday. TurboJam was created by Chalene Johnson and is geared to be effective for every fitness level, from total beginner to quite the workout wiz.

The music for these workouts is total PAR-TAY! Really gets ya pumped. The 20 minutes was over before I knew it. The program is kind of a mix of high energy club dance and martial arts moves. The whole thing has 11 core moves and once you feel comfortable with you’re ready to party off the inches!

I did the Learn & Burn this morning – I feel like a seriously uncoordinated sock! Yet I was able to finish the whole work out with just a few modifications to the kicks because my hips have a real limited range of motion. Long boring story…

 But just think what wonderful progress I’ll make and how each new personal victory will blossom into another – I’m soooo psyched!

Check out this link to learn more about TurboJam.


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