Start Over – Well, I made it a week…


Its been a willy-nilly last few days and I broke the juice fest, again, a mere week into it on Monday lunch.

But I have been on a really neat spiritual journey. I used to be quite involved with Native American medicine wheel work, close to nature in a personal way. Since leaving South Florida and moving to NC, I’ve gotten away from much of that. Even though I’ve had lots of outdoor adventures its not been that deeply personal  connection.


Woman Stone

Last Friday, Herb & I were invited to join a group to do a wilderness adventure in Jones Gap State Park with a naturalist. I didn’t know it when we started, but it  included a guided meditation to seek contact with our spirit giude. I won’t go into details, but I re-connected with a part of myself that I’d been ignoring.   And it was such a joyful experience, a real sort of  home coning.  Shortly after the meditation, my eye was drawn to this stone on the ground. I picked it up and it contured perfectly into my right hand.

My first thought was to call it the Woman Stone and between my meditation and this stone, I feel there is a side to my feminine power I need to bring forward. I’ll continue to meditiate on that to fully realize it and will share as much of that journey as is appropriate.

The naturalist played a didgeridoo made of bamboo during the mediation and both Herb & I enjoyed that. I went online to see how to make a didgeridoo and Saturday we went in search of some bamboo to make one for each of us. We found a nice stand of bamboo just down the road very quickly with older growth the right size. Herb cut it down with the small chainsaw (bamboo can be pretty tough!) and he hollowed it out. We made the mouthpieces with cheese wax he uses to seal shiitake spawn plugs in oak logs.

My bamboo didgeridoo

I think we made ours too big (diameter-wise) as it is very difficult to sustain a drone and I’ve got fairly impressive lung capacity for singing and playing brass instruments. My conch blowing is truly a gift (lol!)

I’ll continue to practice and maybe I’ll post a recording sometime in the future!

As to the juicing, I’m not sure why I don’t seem to be as dedicated to it as I was this past summer. It is odd because I do enjoy juicing, I enjoy the extra energy and all, but my head is just not totally focused and committed. I’ll have to think on that…


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