Start Over – Day 3


I’ve been having the usual cravings that come in the first 3-7 days of a juice fest. But I’m staying strong because I know it gets LOTS better.

Here is my lunch smoothie:

Delicious and this kicks cravings' butt!


I used to take Nia classes, but our local teacher left the area. I learned that her teacher, a Nia Brown Belt who teaches up the mountain produced a dvd and she offered me one. So I’m very excited to check that out.

If you haven’t heard of Nia, it combines martial arts, dance and healing movments to gently manipulate your total body. It is totally invigorating and keeps the body lubed and flexible. I’ll share more after I try this dvd. It won’t be tomorrow because we’re going on a wilderness adventure with a Cherokee Shaman. I’ll share about that, too!



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