Reboot Over


Day 16

 I’m officially off the reboot, (although I’d LOVE a pair of these!)

I ate dinner last night. 

Herb & I both had lots of stuff going on Tuesday, so we decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day on Wednesday. My honey, who supports me in my juicing and also juices some meals with me on occasion, made me a surprise Valentine’s Day dinner.  

Herb knew I was juicing, but not that I’d made a commitment to a 30-day juice. He’s used to me juicing a lot rather than eating meals so because I was just doing it, not really talking about it like I’d done during my 60-day juice last summer, he didn’t (still doesn’t) know.  

So for Valentine’s Day he cooked a dinner of steamed Maine lobster, broiled wild sockeye salmon, steamed fresh brussel sprouts and asparagus spears. Dessert was a Triple Threat Chocolate cake with blackberry filling and a blackberry glaze over the top, all from scratch. What’s really sweet and ironic, is he made us each a glass of carrot, apple & celery juice , too!


Glasses of juice, not wine, how romantic!

Good seafood, beyond trout, is rare here in rural western NC. I knew the strings he pulled to get the lobster & salmon through our local grocer, and there was no way I was going to tell him I would not eat it because I was on a 30-day juice. So I just sat down and enjoyed it – everything was cooked perfectly, the lobster was so tender and juicy, not rubbery at all – Herb made drawn herbed butter, but I didn’t use it because it really didn’t need it. The salmon was seasoned and broiled beautifully, too. 

I’m really picky about how my seafood is cooked. I grew up on the Chesapeake Bay, lived 3 different places/times on the California coast and lived 8 years in south Florida. Herb grew up and spent most of his life in south Florida (its where we met!) so the man understands seafood! 

Once I was on a business trip in Lincoln Nebraska and as usual, you ask the locals about where to eat – one of the guys said we have a good seafood restaurant and I thought to myself, no, you don’t. He was talking about Red Lobster!  As it turns out, I found a truly awesome tandoori Indian restaurant. 

The veggies were steamed just right and I liked that he had two green veggies rather than a veggie and rice or potato. Brussel sprouts and asparagus are my two favorite veggies (my man knows what I like!) 

So I did eat and I even had some cake, very small piece – pure heaven – the marriage of the dark chocolate with the blackberry flavors was a stroke of genius. I am a lucky, lucky girl! 

And I do not consider it a cheat because I am changing the way I think about food. And I do not consider it a failure or a moment of weakness, because if I had it to do over again, I’d have made the exact same choice. 

My honey made me a healthy meal, cooked perfectly, and I honor my body, heart & soul sharing it with him.

Tomorrow – back to juicing, because I want to. I’m down another 9 pounds during this 15 days juicing and I feel great!


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