Reboot 30 – Day 14

                                                    “Your words are my food, Your breath is my wine”
It is the day of LOVE and I am lovin’ it!

Kaleidescope of celery, romaine lettuce, apples, sweet potato, strawberries and brussel sprouts

Made juice this morning in the Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juicer with my new blade and it is working like a dream –  I used these veggies  and got almost a quart of juice! The pulp was much drier and finer, too.

A most light & delicious juice!


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  1. I love your blog and I just wanted to add something helpful!
    Breville Juicer is the best – I highly recommend it. I suggest getting it from Amazon as well, you will get for the best price

    This is my third juicing machine. My first was a Champion which served without problems for years. On the plus side it was powerful and durable. On the down side it was rather noisy, vibrated a lot and left a lot of juice in the pulp and was hard to clean. My second juicer was the omega screw machine which I still have. I bought it because it also did wheat grass. On the plus side it is quiet and juices anything, makes nut butter and extracts a lot of juice leaving very dry pulp. On the down side it is slow and worst of all the feed tube is really small. You have to do a lot of cutting to get things small enough to get into the feed tube. I pretty much only use it for wheatgrass now. The Breville is the best juicer I have had. It is an example of good product design in that it is simple, practical and attractive. It is powerful, has a feed tube large enough to take large whole carrots, beets and small apples. It is quiet, comes apart easy and cleans up quickly. The capture pitcher which nests into the machine has a nice cover so you can store the juice for later. If making juice is a hassle you’re going to put off doing it. This juicer makes juicing easy and not a hassle.

    • Lots of folks like their Breville a lot and it is the one Joe Cross used in Fat Sick & Nearly Dead. I really love my Hamilton Beach. It is a real work horse – juices everything even raw coconut, and now with the new blade disc its performance is even better. Like your Breville, 2 things I like the most is the Big Mouth – I hardly have to cut anything, maybe an apple into halves and it, too, cleans in a snap. I’ll stick with that until I can afford the Norwalk Juicer (do you hear me Juicing Gods?) Glad to meet a fellow juicer! What’s your favorite recipe?

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