Reboot 30 – Day 13


My shiny new blade disc strainer, woo-hoo!

I’m so amazed and pleased! The blade disc strainer for my fabulous Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juicer came TODAY!!  I ordered it mid-morning on the 9th and it is in my hands in this afternoon’s mail.

My experience with Hamilton Beach is most excellent – a surprisingly good performer for an inexpensive appliance and  perfect customer service from start to finish! Soon as I’m done with this blog I going on Amazon and give this juicer & Hamilton Beach a rave review!

I’ve made my juice for today already, so I’m sooooo looking forward to making juice tomorrow.

The grocer has had sweet potatoes on sale lately and it makes a wonderful addition to my juice. Check out all the good metabolism supporting minerals in sweet potato.

When I’m adding sweet potato to my juice, I don’t juice carrots, too. So it is a nice change and I like to get a good variety.

What I didn’t know was sweet potato greens pack a lot of good nutrient’s too so next time Herb grows them I’ll be on the lookout for those and try ’em.


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