Reboot 30 – Day 6


Made it through the Super Bowl Party relatively unscathed – I knew chocolate covered cherry jello shooters are probably not in the Top Ten Healthiest Foods category, but hey, this is a juice fest not a fast and daaaay-um they were tasty! And I’m not gonna consider it a real cheat because I didn’t chew, but I did inhale 😉

I used to eat a lot of Jello back in the 80s – it was considered a diet food. Then I became completely intolerant of artificial sweetners and quit eating it. The lady that made the jello shots last night assured me hers were not from sugar free jello and she was right because I get terrible migraines within 20 minutes of ingesting artificial sweetners especially NutriSweet.

Being curious because I’ve not had Jello in so long, I looked up the label. Wow, what the heck is all that stuff? Apart from my current juice fest, I avoid processed foods in general and I can tell you that no matter how tasty those jello shots were, I’m not having any more jello!

My honey started this juice fest with me (wow – I love him!) But he started going through the normal detox symptoms and he caved.

If you are thinking of doing a juice fest and are concerned about encoutering the same kinds of detox symptoms (headaches, body aches, lethargy, depression, cravings) the detox process is normal. The severity of the symptoms is equal to the level of toxicity in your body and its dependence on sugar or starchy carbohydrates (which is really the same thing.)

Sugar, an addiction the food industry is pushing hard.

Just as a side note, the body metabolizes both sugar and starchy foods causing the same insulin release and physiological opiod dependence in the brain as heroin. That’s why some people crave sweets and others crave breads & pasta – same addiction. Me? My drug of choice was bread & pasta.

The worst sympotoms of sugar detox are, I think, somewhat ameliorated in a juice fest because you’re getting so many good healthy nutrients and no processed sugars or starches. Also, I use and suggest making juices in a rainbow with mostly greens – basically 80% vegetables & 20% fruits, so while you are still getting fructose it is balanced with the nourishment of the carrots, apples, pears, etc. 

From various chats and social media conversations, the concensus of folks going through the change from their old eating habits to juicing exclusively for 30 to more days is after the first 3 to 5 days, the detox type symptoms subside. After that you start to really feel the energy and positive mood that is the gift of healthy living.

My honey is still juicing off and on each day, and he knows what it has done for my health and attitudes, so maybe he’ll come around in his time at his pace – we all do, or not.


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