Reboot 30 – Day 1


Happy February! This morning when I went outside the eastern sky was painted in the most beautiful colors. The blue was like the color of brand new denim jeans and the pinks were like a deep watermelon. The blue lightened up like faded jeans and the pinks turned from their blueish reds into corals. Man I LOVE the morning!

Happy Juice! Kale, celery, carrots, cucumber and ginger.

Rebooting my lifestyle today starting with a 30-day juice fest. I watched the movie Fat Sick & Nearly Dead last summer. At first I thought it was a comedy, but after I watched it for just a bit and realized it wasn’t, I decided to go ahead and watch it to see if Joe Cross really could juice for 60 days. He did and it inspired me to do it, too.

I felt great, my body really resonated with the veggie nutirents. I began exercising with the BeachBody Power90 system. When I began, I struggled through Circuit 1-2. Now I am struggling through Circuit 3-4. I also added and finished training with the C25K program and then started training for the Warrior Drive 5, a 5-mile footrace in Tryon, NC. While training for that, I strained something in my hip and I’ve had to back off of jogging/running for now.

Another thing that tripped me up is my honey is a great cook, he’s not good, he is GREAT. Ask anyone that has had his cooking.  First, he was working on an incredible mushroom sauce. We grow our own and we forage them too. Herb will make the same thing over and over until he gets it just the way he wants. We had Chicken & Mushroom Crepes at least 8 times over the course of 3 weeks aloong with homemade pizzas with mushroom sauce instead of traditional red pizza sauce. The first batch was fabulous, the last batch was spectacular. Of course that sauce is full of heavy whipping cream, butter and parmesan cheese.

Then we watched some program that had an artisan bread maker describing some of his tricks. So he’s been on an artisan bread kick for a couple months. First it was sweet breads, then savory (lots of fresh herbs and garlic!) As he perfected his recipe and method, I was by his side helping him to eat loaf after loaf with butter, butter, butter.

All that sauce & bread & butter did a real number on me. While I am exercising and still juice at least one meal a day, the wheat went right to my belly.

Beautiful purple tinged Kale - fresh from our garden

So now I am re-booting. Isn’t it great that even when we get off track, we can call a do-over and make it all right again!  Just look at this beautiful kale we are growing. We’ve been having an exceptionally mild winter, in fact it may get up to 70 (in Feb?!?!?!?) tomorrow.

I call it a juice fest because the way I do it it is not a fast. I do not deprive myself of any of the nutrients necessary to keep my body happy and energized because I make sure to eat a rainbow every day.

So I am looking forward to getting my belly down and my eating habits back on track. I may even see if Herb will juice fest with me – gotta get him away from that oven! Ha!


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