3rd 60 – Eating Well – What does that mean?


In a nutshell, eating well means giving your body the nutrients it needs so you do not experience cravings. If you are experiencing cravings, your body is reacting to a lack.

Pizzaria meatball sub - a typical anytime meal

Before juicing I used to get terrible cravings.  I jokingly called it being peckish, but it was not a joke – I needed food, preferably carb-based – a sandwich, pizza, pasta or a combination of any of those.  I had to eat something every 2 to 3 hours or I’d get head achy and irritable.

No wonder I was head achy and irritable, my body was getting waaaay more calories than it needed, but not the nutrition it needed. Refined flours, cheese, breaded ground meat and a little tomato sauce. And that was a very typical meal for me and I could eat the whole thing in one meal, too. Yikes, no wonder I was fat and miserable.

One of my standard juice recipes: Kale, spinach, peppers, cucumber, celery, carrots, apple, lemon and ginger.

Juicing broke that viscous cycle because my body was addicted to the sugar burst digesting carbs provided. Juicing gave my body the real nutrients it needed and helped me break the carb cravings. After only a few days of my body getting the nutrients it really needed all the cravings were gone. Period. Wow.

Eating well even and especially if you are only juicing, is having a variety of mostly plant based foods like vegetables, fruits and mushrooms. When I say mostly, I mean veggies make up 75% to 95% of your plate every meal. When I say variety, I mean lots of different kinds of veggies – green is sooooo important and green is so much more than only broccoli or green beans. Spinach, cucumbers, asparagus, cabbage, brussel sprouts, kale, celery, peas, lettuce, avocado – and so many others!!

Rainbow Salad - good for you on so many levels including being pretty enough for a princess!


And other colors, too. Colorful carrots, onions, beets, eggplant, swiss chard, beans, tomatoes, peppers, radishes, turnips, corn. You might like to make an adventure of it and each week, pick something from the produce aisles you’ve never had before. Talk to your grocer or go online and google recipes with the new veggie treasure – you might be in for a wonderful surprise!

I will have bread or cheese or meat or pasta, but these things make up the small percent of my food rather than the larger.


With a salad like this or a soup like that you’ll have the energy and positive outlook that will make you and your life its best!

Super Soup: Kale, carrots, turnips, lentils, onion, garlic, cinnamon & turmeric


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