3rd 60 – New Computer Station


Its been tough to get out there and get my training in for the Warrior Drive 5 – the weather has been soupy wet and cold. So one of the things I’ve been contemplating is my computer work station.

This is a stock image for my old station

My old one looked like this when it was opened. When it was new and closed up, it looked like a high end cherrywood armoire. It locked so when I had quests or I was going out of town I felt a little more secure about general snooping.

However – I’ve moved 5 times since I got this and each move took its toll on the old girl. The key broke off in the lock. The work space section on the right completely broke off from the main unit and could not be closed. None of the door sections closed nicely because the whole thing was a bubble or two off plumb. The filing drawer wouldn’t stay closed and just in general, all the crap I’d accumulated and “kept handy” was just cluttered up and closing over me. I’ve felt a bit stifled.


Ta-da! the new rolltop desk station - on rollers!



Then last week I was out sniffing around a local thrift shop for some glass things to use in a craft project and I found a roll top computer desk for $25 (what!!?) yep and it was fully functioning and it had a lock, too!

So I got Herb to bring his van over and we snatched it up and took it home. It took a long time to get all the crap out of the old station and figure out where it was going to go – I’m amazed at the sheer amount of stuff we humans accumulate!

I already had a filing cabinet in the closet that I was using for old tax returns, stationary and dessert wine. I put the old tax returns in a plastic bin in the attic, and drank the wine. Then, a day later, I organized my files and other supplies in the filing cabinet, just like what it was designed for! I threw away sooooo much stuff like old owners manuals for equipment I didn’t even have anymore, notes and old disks with ancient sw or data.

Now I’m no Feng Shui expert, but I can tell you that whole room feels like it opened up and I can breath.  I look forward to getting busy on doing the things I’ve been meaning to do!

Much less clutter, more breathing room!


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