2nd 60 – Day 52 Ooops


Well I have to tell ya, I fell a off the wagon. Not too far, but it isn’t pretty.

Once again, as soon as I was out of my routine, I began compromising many of my good habits, mostly exercise.

I started a new job (yea!!!) so that interfered with getting my morning exercise and run in, but I switched it to afternoon, which wasn’t terrible because it is starting to get down right chilly in the mornings!

I treated myself to a fitness trainer and he was against just about everything I was doing, and he was going to email me a new regime, but its been almost a month & I haven’t yet gotten that from him. Needless to say, I conveniently dropped my consistency ’cause of waiting…

I had to go out of town for my dad’s 85th birthday (woo-hoo, Dad, you rock!) and while I made way better food choices than I used to – I still indulged more than I would have if I were home.

So there you have it – all my excuses. So….

Fresh from the garden: last two pears off the tree, colorful peppers, shitake & blue Dolphin Oyster mushrooms, purple-topped turnips & greens, butter crunch and roamine lettuces and the big daddy of greens - kale!

It’s time to get back on the wagon. I’ve emailed the trainer and hope to hear from him by weeks’ end. If not, I’ll just go back to my old routine and also going back to just juicing until Thanksgiving.

How’s this for a start? The garden is doing great and a lot is now ready to start harvesting.  Herb is making a mushroom linguine with the rest of the Blue Dolphin mushrooms for dinner tonight. Its the same recipe as clams linguine, but with oysters instead of clams.

Then tomorrow I’ll be juicing all this in the morning! (minus the mushrooms, they went into a veggie soup I had for lunch!)



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