2nd-60 – Day 31 – Buy Local


I’m really fortunate to live in a lovely rural area whose economy is driven by equine and tourism industries. that means everyone has a vested interest in conserving the land, keeping it healthy and sustainable.

Herb & I grow lots of our own food as you can see in some of my garden photos. We also grow 4 types of oyster mushrooms and 4 types of shiitake mushrooms from spawn we get from Field & Forest. We also forage local wild mushrooms – morel, puff’rooms, chanterelles, craterllus, Hen of the Woods and wild oysters (they’re everywhere around here!) The nutritional value of mushrooms is often overlooked as are mushrooms’ medicinal qualities.

In addition to our efforts to live closer to nature, check out this video – A friend of ours sells a lot of our surplus produce here at the Tailgate Market and I sell our elderberry and elder flower syrups and Herb’s Carpenter Bee Traps there, too.


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