2nd 60 – Day 22 – Eat Right, Exercise and Take…


We’ve heard it a million times in TV, radio and print advertisements for everything from weight loss products to serious prescription medications for rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes and erectile dysfunction. So what does “eat right” really mean?

Using my powerful computer, I google “Eat right America” it comes back with 134,000,000 results. If I google “Eat right kids books” it comes back with 188,000,000 results.  Yikes!

From VegSource.com. Check it out their Lifestyle Expo in October.

Does that seem as over the top to you as it does to me? Maybe we are too far removed from nature and what’s real. Maybe the availability of so many processed quick & easy meals, maybe so many conflicting messages on TV are confusing us?

Are our lives really supposed to be so hectic and crammed with so many duties that we don’t have time to properly feed ourselves? So filled with stuff we don’t want to do yet have to do that we cannot relax or play in joyful movement? In American we’re supposed to work hard to make our dreams come true. But what do you really dream about? Is it a through hike on the Appalachian Trail or affording mozzarella stuffed meatballs with fettuccine Alfredo? Diving the Great Barrier Reef or watching Survivor on TV with a bucket of the colonel’s chicken & biscuits?

Okay, enough of the rant… It just seems to me if we eat right & exercise we won’t have to take… whatever.

Here’s what eating right means to me (and I’ve only been eating over 50 years now…)

  • First – Use smaller plates and bowls to guide portions
  • Eat a rainbow – colorful foods!
  • Eat mostly vegetables, locally grown if not self grown. Try not to buy from outside the US.
  • Eat raw or juiced veggies more often then cooked.
  • Eat salads with most of your meals – even breakfast!
  • Eat a lot of fruits, again, the more local the better.
  • Eat smaller portions of 100% whole grain breads & pastas (see # ingredients, below) about 1 to 3  grain to veggie ratio.
  • Drink lots of filtered water, at least 48 oz a day. Drink other things, too, like herbal teas and such.
  • NO SODA POP, diet or otherwise, ever.
  • Stay away from processed foods. Processed foods are any foods with more than 7 ingredients or any ingredients with chemical sounding names I do not recognize.

I’m not a food-nazi, but I keep these foods to a bare minimum. btw, bare minimum means two to four times a month:


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