2nd 60 – Day 20 – C25K Week 4 Done!


Herb & I went to see Cowboys & Aliens last night for Date Night. It was okay – Harrison Ford really carried it.

This morning I woke up and got dressed to accomplish Day3Week4 of C25K. Drove out to Harmon field and couldn’t find my iPod. I need it ’cause the music & timing for the program is on it. Dumped everything out of my purse and it just wasn’t there. So now I’m panicked because I spent all day yesterday in meetings in Asheville and I’m praying it didn’t somehow fall out or get stolen.

I rushed back home and there it was in the charger! I really do not remember putting it in there. But I picked it up and went right back out the door and back to the park. Got my program done and I feel amazing – like a warrior Goddess!



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