2nd 60 – Day 15 – Hiking


Herb, Shelby the wonder Puppy & I went hiking in the Pisgah Nat’l Forest yesterday. That was my joyful movement as I don’t Power 90 or C25k on Sunday – that’s my recoup day.

It was glorious – mid 60s, sun shining, just the perfect fall day. Not too many people, but enough so they could take a picture of Herb & I at strategic views!

Herb made a delicious juice with apples, pears, sweet & red potatoes, celery, carrots and cilantro. I also brought chop salad, blackberries and oatmeal cookies.

We stopped at an open air pavilion over looking the Triple Falls to enjoy our picnic, there was one other group when we got there, and after they left we had the whole place to ourselves. Best restaurant in town!

As I’m looking at the pictures, always hyper-critical of myself, my only thoughts were I’ve got to get some better fitting jeans – those make me look like I’ve got thunder thighs and I KNOW I do not! It is a great feeling to know if I look bad in a picture its because of the clothes (lighting, composition, etc.) and not my weight!

I used to say my best lighting was by candlelight preferably about 1/2 mile away!~ Not anymore, bring those cameras up close, bay-bee!


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