2nd 60 – Day 14 – Inches Not Pounds


Today, Sunday, is Progress Day.

Weighed in after staying off the scale most of the week. Imagine my dismay when I saw I was down only 1# – down is good, of course, but it is still one pound more than when I finished the juicing. And I still haven’t cracked that 30# goal.

However, getting that off my chest, I’m so steadily down in inches (yippee!) I can go into my closet and wear any damn thing I want. I can go to my jeans cabinet and pullout any pair I want. I can be picky because its not just what I can fit my fat ass into, its what do I feel like wearing and how does it show me off to best advantage?

So what’s up with the weight?  Something wrong with my scale? How can I lose that many inches and not be shedding pounds, too?

Of course, I started Googling and came across this photo & info and this is the first time I’ve really understood the fat vs muscle thing.

A person weighing 150 with 19% body fat is going to be much slimmer than a same height person weighing 150 with 35% body fat who will be more lumpy and dumpy.

The weight will come off in time as I continue eating mostly fruits & veggies and exercising. I am going to come up with another word for exercising, because the word exercise still has connotations of exertion, and duty, not joyful movement. I’ll think on that as Herb & I hike the Triple Fall and High Falls in Pisgah Nat’l forest today.


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  1. Great visual comparison! Looking at older photos of myself, I am much more toned-up these days although the scales are only reading 10 lbs lighter… (I’ve been faithful in my exercise commitment but working my way up to juice fast after watching FS & ND)

    • I think you’ll be amazed at how good you’ll feel and how little you’ll miss chewing! I didn’t have any trouble transitioning, but I’ve always been a happy vegetable eater, yet I’ve heard of others that went through a couple days of discomfort as their bodies dealt with the change – but hang in there, the feeling of health is amazing!

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