2nd 60 – Day 12 – Observations


Almost 2 weeks past my 60-day juice fest and feeling great. I began this journey, one most of my friends think is an extreme action they could/would never do, because I was a prisoner to eating. I had to eat almost every 3 hours no matter what I had last eaten. If I didn’t, I’d start to get what I called “peckish” which meant I was getting anxious and that would be followed by headache-y. I tried:

  • smaller portions
  • no white bread, rice or pasta
  • no carbs

But I couldn’t stick with any of it more than a day or three. It would not take much to throw me off the wagon. Let me be honest here – I’d take or make any excuse to leap off that wagon like a grasshopper on a hot plate.

In my mind I was a food-a-holic. Like Step One in AA, I admitted I was powerless over eating. But unlike AA, I couldn’t quit eating and live… until I discovered how to healthfully “fast” with juice as it is described in the movie Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead.

Here was a way to get all the healthy natural stuff my body needed without pills, surgery or eating. I went into this with the idea that it would help break my bad habits and cravings.

I am so pleased the juice fest has done just that – broken my dependence upon and craving for food, bread & pasta in particular. Yesterday, I went to Subway with Susie D and we got one of the turkey foot longs to share like we used to do (super loaded up with veggies, oil & vinegar – no mayo) and I could only eat a couple bites with the bread. I ended up dumping the insides out on the paper and eating it w/knife & fork. Also, no chips. These are all very big differences for me and the way I used to eat. I’d rather (really rather) have an apple or other fruit than cake or cookies or a bowl of ice cream. I’m not fighting a battle of wills, I’m just not craving or drawn to the breads and pastas and sweets as I was before. I’m not getting any of those old starvation or crisis anxieties.

And another plus is because my body is getting the nutrients it wants, I’m naturally and effortlessly eating less.

I’m exercising consistently and am pleased to do so. I’m experiencing and enjoying my body in way I probably haven’t since early childhood when everything was wonderful and new and a glorious challenge to master.

I had no idea it was possible for me to feel this sense of joy and accomplishment, its like I’m waking up after a long sad dream.


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