2nd 60 – Day 7 – Enjoy the Ride!


It’s Sunday afternoon; a full week since the end of my 60 day juice fest.I’ve been weighing myself every day, so you can imagine my surprise when I weighed myself last Monday and the scale said I’d gained 2#s. Okay, no need to panic… until I weighed myself the next day and I’d gained 4#s !!!!!

Now, I did have Herb make me a homemade pizza – homemade 100%whole wheat crust, homegrown mushroom sauce and veggies and mozzarella cheese. I only had 2 slices where before I started my juice-fest it would have been 3-4 slices easily! But 2 slices of pizza = 2#s??? I ate nothing but fresh fruit & salad the next day, no cheese burgers or any meat or cheese for that matter = 4#s??? I don’t get it.

Then I was talking with my friend Ann. She said, “Are you really making healthy choices?” and I said, “Yes.”  “Then put it out of your mind.” (She’s a wise one!) Ann reminded me of a bit from Dr. Dean Black’s Releasing Your Healing Powers lecture about how people that can get in their own way being too preoccupied with what they are eating and why – if they are coming from a place of  fear rather than fulfillment and joy.

So I’ve quit weighing myself every morning. I know I am eating in a healthy manner and I’m going to continue to learn about food and delicious ways to prepare veggies & fruits. And I’m consistent with both my Power 90 and C25K exercising. My proof is if I have the energy and inclination to get out there and enjoy my life in balance.

Last night I watched Fat Sick & Nearly Dead again, this time with Herb.

I was a little put out that those guys experienced such huge weight loss (80#s in 60 days – I didn’t even make it to 30!!) But they had a lot more to lose that I did, too.

Oh and btw, my weight was up from last week, but only by 2 and not 4#s and I was down in inches overall – not bad, not bad.

So that’s today’s lesson – I’ll listen to my own body – it loves me and will do what is right for itself in its own time if I let it. So I’m gonna make the best choices I know and enjoy the ride!


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